Jet Pet Resort Launches Resort Rewards – A Ground-breaking Referral Program for Pet Owners who ‘Share the Secret’

Jet Pet Resort now rewards pet owners who take the time to share their secret boarding and pet care solution with a friend.

Vancouver, British Columbia | March 15, 2013

Pet owners in Vancouver (and across British Columbia) are often faced with a serious dilemma before traveling for either business or leisure. Where do they keep their pet while away? Traditionally that question has been answered by only 2 viable options: a jail-like pet kennel or with a trusted friend or family member. Understanding the need for better pet care options and facilities, Jet Pet Resort ( has designed a 5 star pet resort, spa and day care facility catering primarily to dogs and cats that is a welcomed alternative for pet owners whose cherished pets require a little more attention and pampering. And Jet Pet Resort has just created a new program to reward its clients for their valued referrals.


Pet owners who have discovered the exceptional amenities that Jet Pet Resort offers are likely to either ‘tell the world’ or to closely guard their secret. To that end, Jet Pet Resort has started a campaign to convince their customers to ‘share the secret’ and has just launched an original and innovative new referral program called Resort Rewards . “We have two types of pet owners that come to Jet Pet Resort. The first is ‘The Sharer’ – the pet owner who will tell everyone about us and the wonderful experience their pet had at Jet Pet Resort. Then there is ‘The Secret Holder’ – the pet owner who does not want to let anyone else know about our incredible facility so they don’t want to let the secret out.” says Michael Maenck, General Manager of Jet Pet Resort which is located just minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport.


To encourage sharing the secret pet owners who now refer a friend to Jet Pet Resort will be entitled to receive one of three rewards for their pet; a FREE overnight stay, a FREE day of daycare, or even a FREE Spa service. “We think that we have created a program that will cater to both types of our client very well,” continues Maenck. “Not only will the motivation to receive a value added incentive be there, but they can ‘bank’ their rewards for multiple stays and services. Telling people about Jet Pet Resort will now really pay off!”


In addition to sharing their wonderful experiences with pet-owning friends, pet owners are also encouraged to remind their friends that they will qualify for the Jet Pet Resort new guest special offer. All first time guests have an opportunity to try the facility out for just $27 a night for small and medium pets and just $37 a night for the ‘not so small’ pets – up to 7 nights stay. Included for the guest is a luxurious private suite, with a minimum one walk per day, play time in the indoor and outdoor play areas, access to treadmills and plasma TV’s and plenty of love and attention. In addition to the special trial offer, new clients are invited to try out The Spa at Jet Pet Resort, a state-of-the-art grooming and care facility and receive $10 off grooming. This special rate is subject to blackout periods and is good until December 14, 2013.


“When people talk about Jet Pet Resort, I want them to remember and share all of the wonderful excitement, energy and impressions they had when they walked through our doors the first time.” says Cam Dahl, Owner of Jet Pet Resort. “Pet owners often sacrifice and give so much for their pet; it’s about time that they get something significant in return for their recommendation.”


About Jet Pet Resort


Jet Pet Resort ( is a pet-centred resort, spa and daycare facility that is specially designed and built with a pet’s comfort, care and relaxation in mind. Open 7 days a week, it features 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor pet resort and spa amenities it is uniquely designed for pets and features individual dog & cat suites, lounges with plasma TVs & web cams, full service kitchen, a state-of–the-art pet spa and indoor & outdoor lounge areas. A much welcomed concept in alternative pet boarding and care located in Richmond, BC, Jet Pet Resort is conveniently located at the Vancouver International Airport with instant access from Vancouver and all surrounding areas.