About Us


What if my pet gets sick while I am away?

We will contact you as soon as there is any issue with your pet and make arrangements to have them see your regular vet if necessary. If it is an emergency situation or location-dependent, we will take your pet to see one of the certified vets that we work with on a regular basis. Our team also has multiple veterinarian technicians on staff who are able to quickly assess and proceed with care as needed.

Do you take in puppies and senior dogs?

Yes, we board puppies as young as eight weeks of age. There is no age limit on the dogs we take in.

What kind of exercise will my dog get?

All guests have the opportunity to socialize and play in both the outside play area and chase in the inner courtyard. When needed, our team takes puppies and small dogs out for walks.

It is also possible for pet parents to upgrade their dog’s stay by adding a few premium dog walks/hikes through our partner, Release the Hounds.

Why do we place such a high value on an eco-friendly environment?

Being an animal lover naturally means caring for their environment. The best way to do that is by looking after what we have. Jet Pet aims to keep a small carbon footprint by being chemical free and recycling where possible.

How do I book my pet into the resort?

Call us at 604.238.PETS (7387) or email us so we can talk to you about which boarding options are suited for you and your pet and determine the best room options.

Other than your testimonials, can you provide any references for your service?

Yes! There are many reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google. We encourage new clients to seek out these reviews as they are independently posted by clients who have used our services.

What software do you use to communicate with me?

In January 2015, Jet Pet Resort implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system from Salesforce.com to strengthen our client communication.

Salesforce.com is the largest CRM software system in the world, and is used at companies such as NBC, Proctor and Gamble, and Dell. Using the same proven system as these multi-billion dollar companies will help strengthen our relationship with you through email updates and reports on your pet’s stay with us. This helps us to track all services that are required and never miss a thing!

What is your cancellation policy?

Jet Pet Resort requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking. We are happy to offer a refund if plans change more than one month before your pet’s stay. This becomes a credit on your account for future stays with us. Unfortunately we are unable to credit an account if the stay has begun or has passed and we are not notified (no-show). No refunds will be issued if you pickup your pet at an earlier date than scheduled.

Alternatively, if you require emergency care, contact us and if we have availability, we’ll book your pet in that same day.

Do you require a signature or waivers to be signed?

Jet Pet takes advantage of a user-friendly system called DocuSign. We will email you an online application form that takes approximately 10 minutes to fill out with all of your pet’s important information and includes an online, digital signature. Once completed, it automatically creates a guest profile that our Pet Care Specialists can access to familiarize themselves with all the needs of your pet while in our care.

What is your vaccination policy and why?

Jet Pet Resort requires all pets in our care to comply with our vaccination policy. We recognize the importance of appropriate vaccinations in keeping all dogs healthy, and recommend that all clients take preventative measures by keeping their dog’s vaccinations up-to-date as recommended by their veterinarian.

We respect each guest and their desire to have a safe, positive stay at our resort. Our vaccination policy allows for this, and for each pet to have a safe, fun stay.

What will my dog do during the day?

Jet Pet believes dogs need to be out of confined spaces, socialize and play; because a tired dog is a happy dog. After having breakfast served in their room, each pup is brought out into either the inner courtyard, the outside play area, or the little dog lounge to socialize, exercise and play.
After a full day of play and lounging, each pup is brought back to their room for dinner before an evening play session. Then it’s tuck-in time at 9:30pm. Jet Pet staff always keeps an eye out for sleepy pups, and your dog will be allowed back in their room throughout the day for naps as necessary.

Pet parents can choose to add dog walks/hikes through Release The Hounds or an afternoon in our on-site Spaw to their dog’s stay.

Will I receive updates of my dogs stay?

Yes, we are actively engaged on FaceBook and via email/phone. We post daily photos and videos of the dogs enjoying the resort and their new friends.

For those who have selected a room with a webcam, they can always login and connect with their pup to see them in their room during breakfast and dinner time.

After your pup’s stay, we send you home with a report on their stay including what they did for fun and who they hung out with.

Why Does Jet Pet offer more services than just overnight care?

Jet Pet believes that a well-rounded dog is a happy dog. We have structured our business to reflect this philosophy, with the added convenience of a one-stop place you can trust for trained dog walkers, boarders, daycare, and as a safe haven for your dog while you’re away.

Can I tour Jet Pet?

We would love to have you come tour our facility and get acquainted with your pet’s home-away-from-home. Tours are available daily from 9:00am – 4:00pm, or by reservation. Reservations are recommended, but not required. During the holidays, we ask that you please call ahead to ensure tours are available.

In the event that your pet is with you for a tour, we ask that they please wait for you in the lobby. This is to ensure the health of your pet, as well as of our current guests. Your pet will be supervised by one of our pet concierges until you have concluded your visit.

No words are enough to say how thankful I am for all the AMAZING care my baby received at this place. Being an English Bulldog he needs lots of special care, and indeed he was very well treated. He made lots of friends, had fun and me and my husband had the peace of mind to enjoy our wedding. Now I know we can travel without worrying with his well being. Thank you Jet Pet Resort and a big hug from Obi Boo Boo!
– Amanda Queiroz