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Jet Pet Resort is often featured in the press. Please have a look at a sample of what’s being said about us in the press. You can also check out our testimonials page to hear directly from satisfied from pet owners about what they think about Jet Pet Resort.



Pet resort caters to posh pooches

Cam Dahl, owner of the pet hotel “Jet Pet Resort” discusses all the luxury amenities her doggy daycare has to offer with Ann Luu.

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Creature comforts: Dog owners increasingly spare no expense to spoil furry family members

At Jet Pet Resort in Richmond, B.C., dogs can stay in a luxury suite with a chandelier, plasma TV and a webcam that allows their owners to check up on them 24/7. They can use a doggy treadmill, enjoy massages, and even eat steak dinners — with the option of being hand-fed.

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The pampered pooch: No limit on what you can spend

Jet Pet Resort, which opened nine months ago near Vancouver International Airport, also provides temperature-controlled suites, plasma screen televisions and sheepskin-lined beds. The company’s ultra-luxury suite, at $129 a night, comes with a telephone and video cam, so vacationing owners can wish their pet good night and look in on him or her from time to time.

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A Perfect Pitch

Owners Marcus and Cam from Vancouver, BC, enter the Den with their luxury airport pet resort.

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Pet resort gives pooches the rock star treatment

If opulent hotel suites with plasma TVs, combined with a regimen of full body massages, spa treatments and gourmet catered meals sound like your idea of a great vacation you’re not alone.

But what if this high-end luxury wasn’t meant for you, but rather for your family pet?

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Jet Pet Resort makes Dragon’s Den deal

The owners of Sea Island’s cat and dog paradise Jet Pet Resort have made a deal with a dragon.

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Jet Pet Resort courtyard

The dog/cat retreat also features a central indoor courtyard play area for pampered pets.

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Jet Pet Resort – Pics!

They have built an amazing facility, full of expensive decor, high end products (see picture of doggy treadmill!) and cozy looking rooms where you would be more than comfortable to leave your pup while on vacation.

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