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‘We Fetch’ App Utilizes Geofence Technology To Facilitate Contactless Pet Services

We Fetch Pet Services App

‘We Fetch’ App Utilizes Geofence Technology To Facilitate Contactless Pet Services

  • The We Fetch app utilizes cutting-edge geofence technology to allow contactless pet pick-up and drop-off.
  • Businesses offering pet-related services must refine their offering to ensure they’re adhering to social distancing guidelines and keeping their customers safe.
  • With the press of a button, customers can notify businesses when they’ve arrived, allowing for contact-free pet handover.

Vancouver, Canada – The world is gripped by a global pandemic. As people rearrange their lives to adhere to social distancing guidelines and take every precaution to protect themselves and their families from the COVID-19 virus, businesses need to make sufficient changes to their procedures to allow people to access their services safely.


Businesses that provide pet services are in an unusual situation. Grooming, veterinary services, dog training and walking, boarding facilities – all necessitate in-person contact to allow for pet pick-ups and drop-offs. The challenge for business is to ensure that this contact is minimal, well-timed, and adheres to social distancing guidelines.


That’s where the We Fetch App comes in. Utilizing ground-breaking geofence technology, We Fetch provides a vital link between pet service businesses and their customers. Contactless pick-ups and drop-offs become easy when customers use the We Fetch app to notify the business that they’re on their way, and again when they arrive. Never again will businesses have to deal with a waiting room full of customers and their pets, potentially breaching social distancing guidelines and putting the business’s accreditation at risk.


When businesses know that a customer is on their way, they can be prepared to accept the pet for a drop-off or have the pet ready to be collected for a pick-up. When the customer uses the app to advise that they have arrived – with a simple press of a button – the business can facilitate a pleasant, timely, and socially distanced pet handover.


“We first broached the idea of geofencing technology at a strategic planning meeting back in 2017,” said XXX of the We Fetch leadership team. “Back then, the idea was to increase customer convenience and free up business resources. Of course, at the time we had no idea what 2020 would bring and how important this type of technology would soon become.


“The We Fetch app was developed and put to use in our other sister businesses, including all three locations of our premier pet daycare and boarding facilities, Jet Pet. After refining and personalizing the technology, we saw the value in releasing it to other pet-related businesses.”


“Our primary aim is to keep fellow pet-related business owners safe and to facilitate ways for pet lovers to continue to access the services their pets need without putting themselves in harm’s way. We have developed the technology to make this a reality, and we’re excited to see other pet-related businesses take advantage of cutting-edge geofence technology to improve their COVID-safe business models.”


Geofencing technology – used by Walmart and other high-profile companies to allow contactless services and virtual queueing during the pandemic – represents the latest in cutting-edge location-based technology.


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