The Dangers and Costs of Driving with Your Dog in British Columbia

Taking your dog for a ride in the car can be dangerous to you, your pet, and to others on the road. We love taking our pups with us wherever we go, but dog lovers beware – new distracted driving laws took effect in British Columbia on Monday, October 20, 2014. Not only do the new laws apply to hand held electronic devices such as cell phones and GPS units, but it includes you dog being free in the vehicle or on your lap.


The distracted driving penalty for a first offence is $167 fine and 3 points!


According to the B.C.A.A., Nearly 60% of dog owners have driven while distracted by their pets as passengers. Some places in the United states – Rhode Island and Tennessee – are considering banning unrestrained pets all together. Only about 1 in 6 pet owners use restraints when their pets are riding in the car.


When left unleashed, our canine companions can prove to be quite distracting by:

  • Interfering with the ability to steer
  • Climbing into the driver-s lap
  • Crawling on the foot pedals


But it-s not just the threat from the Vancouver police to the pocketbook. Dogs are also not safe in the front seat – An airbag deploying could cause serious injury or death. In order to keep ourselves, our pets, and others safe, we need to buckle up our furry passengers in the backseat.


For smaller dogs, a dog car seat might be a more practical option, or even a crate designed for the car. These cushy seats give your pup a comfy place to relax while riding and have safety straps that hook to the dog-s harness to anchor them in place. A car harness is a good idea for larger pets. These comfortable harnesses buckle to the car-s seat belt and keep your pooch in place.


By changing a few small driving habits, a dangerous – and potentially very costly drive can turn into a safe trip for everyone in the family. If you are planning on taking your dog to Jet Pet Resort, please take the time to properly harness your dogs in and to ensure that they are safe and that you are free of possible distraction.