Walking dogs of different breeds

Which Breed of Dog is Right for You?

Choosing the right dog is a big decision. There are so many different types of breeds with various sizes, shapes, temperaments, and needs. The best way to ensure you’re choosing the right canine companion is to do your research and really think about what type

sleepy puppy yawning

Puppy Lethargy and Related Sicknesses

Lethargy is a condition that results in a puppy being abnormally tired and sluggish. Puppies tend to have high energy levels and are known for being playful and full of life. When puppies are lethargic, they may sleep more than usual, have little to no

puppy skin conditions

Common Skin Conditions For a Puppy

As your puppies start to grow, you might start to notice unusual abnormalities on their skin. A puppy's skin is sensitive and susceptible to a variety of skin conditions that can look strange or concerning. If not treated properly, the condition could potentially become a