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North Shore

Jet Pet is committed to excellence in every aspect of our service and that includes a carefully designed, premium dog daycare and cat hotel facility in North Vancouver that reflects the safe, fun, and relaxed environment we provide our pet guests.

Our boarding facility caters to dogs of all shapes, sizes and energy levels. Each pet guest is treated as an individual and we know how to entertain all personality types; from the shy dogs, to the playful puppies and energetic dogs.

Our resort grounds were built with safety as a priority, as well as how our play areas are laid out to reduce anxiety and minimize unnecessary stimulation in order to provide the best stay for your pet. Beyond your average dog and cat kennel, Jet Pet North Vancouver features 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor boarding, courtyards, lounges, and spa amenities. We truly cater to every dog.

  • Indoor and outdoor
    play areas
  • Nest Cameras

Location Team

At Jet Pet, we only hire animal-loving, skilled pet care specialists who offer our North Vancouver dog daycare, boarding and cat hotel guests the best care possible with integrity and professionalism. We continually offer on-the-job training as advancements are made in the pet care industry to ensure we can offer you a premium experience, and your pet an unforgettable stay.

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Services and Rates

North Vancouver Dog Boarding

Our 13,000 square foot indoor/outdoor dog boarding facility in North Vancouver offers your dog a spacious, clean, and fun environment. We put safety first, with a personal touch. We cater to all breeds, sizes, and personalities, with areas to suit the loungers, playful pups, and cuddlers. Dogs can play in one of our gated outdoor courtyards complete with pools, the indoor courtyard, or catch a nap in the lounge with the beds and plasma TVs. See our boarding rates for dogs and cats below.

from $45/night Group Lounge
Recreate a home-like environment

Rate$59 $55$50$45
Night1-3 4-78-1415+
After dinnertime, evening cuddles and a final 'pee break' in our outdoor play yard, we bring out the sleeping mats and let our boarding dogs pick a corner of the playroom to bed down for the night. Dogs who prefer the company of other pups and our overnight caregivers can retreat to our Group Lounge, an upscale 'doggy dorm' that recreates a home-like environment, complete with fireplace, a flat screen TV and comfy beds for cuddling.

from $50/night Doggy Dens
Privacy away from the rest of the pack

Rate$64 $60$55$50
Night1-3 4-78-1415+
While we are a cage-free environment, for those clients who prefer their pet sleep completely separate from other dogs and distractions, we have a very limited number of roomy glass kennels, where dogs can enjoy a midnight snack and their own beds from home. We also have one double-size glass kennel, which can be used for multiple pets from the same family, if you prefer your kids to sleep together, away from the rest of the pack. For the double-size den, add +$5/night.

Please note that these kennels may only be reserved for overnight use as they are used for meal feedings during the day.

Coming March 2018

Rate$ $$$
Night1-3 4-78-1415+

Coming March 2018

Rate$ $$$
Night1-3 4-78-1415+

Coming March 2018

Rate$ $$$
Night1-3 4-78-1415+


 Group LoungeDoggy DensClassicGrandLuxury
 Recreate a home-like environmentPrivacy away from the rest of the packComing March 2018Coming March 2018Coming March 2018
Regular Rates**      
1-3 nights$59/night$64/night$/night$/night$/night
4-7 nights$55/night$60/night$/night$/night$/night
8-14 nights$50/night$55/night$/night$/night$/night
15+ nights$45/night$50/night$/night$/night$/night
 Book a roomBook a roomBook a roomBook a roomBook a room

** Additional $10/night for bookings during Peak Season.

Additional $20/night for bookings during Premium Season.

Dog Daycare

Jet Pet North Vancouver offers doggy daycare in addition to our regular boarding services. As a premier facility fully equipped for fun and outfitted for safety first, our professionally trained staff will ensure your dog has a great day while you’re away.

Full-day dog daycare is up to 10 hours at our North Vancouver kennel, so you’ll never have to worry about working late; it’s all included.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year
  • Only 15 minutes from East Vancouver, located conveniently on the North Shore

Dog Daycare **

Mini Day (0-3 hours)$25.75
Half Day (3-5 hours)$29.50
Full Day (5-12 hours)$36.50
Extended (12-16 hours)*$42


After-Play Rinse-Off/Towel-Dry Bath$20.00
Stuffed Kong Break$3.00
Nail Trim$15.00


Mini Day 10-Pack (0-3 hours)$245 ($24.50/day)
Half Day 10-Pack (3-5 hours)$280 ($28/day)
Full Day 10-Pack (5-12 hours)$325 ($32.50/day)
Extended Day 10-Pack (12-16 hours)$375 ($37.50/day)
Half Day 20-Pack (3-5 hours)$540 ($27/day)
Full Day 20-Pack (5-12 hours)$615 ($30.75/day)
Extended Day 20-Pack (12-16 hours)$720 ($36/day)

Book an additional guest for 10% off daycare rates!

* Visits over 16 hours are considered to be boarding stays, see the Dog Boarding tab above for details.

** Additional $10 for bookings during Peak Season.

Additional $20 for bookings during Premium Season.

Grooming Services

Our Jet Pet North Vancouver pet spa offers full grooming services for all breeds, coat types and condition. Our certified, professional pet stylists take the time to customize each groom to your dog’s unique needs to bring out the best in their appearance and personality. Conveniently located on site, our Pet Spa is perfectly situated for our pet guests to freshen up before going home, or group your dog’s daycare stay with grooming all on the same day!

*For our regular clients, we offer a discounted full brush out and nail trims to prevent matting and maintain coat between grooms.

Bath & Tidy – get your pup sparkly clean and looking fabulous!

  • Brush & Comb-Out
  • Deep Cleansing Bath
  • Blow Dry
  • Ear Clean
  • Foot Trim
  • Pad Trim
  • Brow Trim
  • Nail Trim

Full Groom – we offer a full grooming package that will put an extra strut into your dog’s daily walks.

  • Full Bath & Tidy
  • Pad Clean-Out
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Full Body Scissoring/Groom

Short Haired Dogs

Bath & Tidy$30 $40$50$60
Sizesmall mediumlargex-large

Medium to Long Haired Dogs

Bath & Tidy$35 $45$55$65
Full Groom$55 $65$75$85
Sizesmall mediumlargex-large

Curly-Haired Dogs

Bath & Tidy$40 $50$65$80
Full Groom$60 $70$85$105
Sizesmall mediumlargex-large

Thick-Coated Dogs

Bath & Tidy$45 $55$65$75
Full Groom$65 $75$85$100
Sizesmall mediumlargex-large

Extra-Dense Haired Dogs

Bath & Tidy$50 $60$70$80
Full Groom$70 $80$90$105
Sizesmall mediumlargex-large


 Short Haired DogsMedium to Long Haired DogsCurly-Haired DogsThick-Coated DogsExtra-Dense Haired Dogs
 Book NowBook NowBook NowBook NowBook Now
Nail Trims: $15 (Clip); $20 (Dremel)

Nail trims are complimentary with our Bath & Tidy or our Full Groom. If, however, a pawdicure is all you are looking for, we can clip or dremel your pup’s nails – usually while you wait.

De-Skunking: +$15 (Short Hair); +$20 (Medium to Long Hair)

Fido get too friendly with PePe Le Pew? We can help with a shampoo formulated to remove skunk order, not just cover it up.

De-Shedding: $30/hour

Is your vacuum threatening to go on strike from all the fur? Let us ease the load when shedding season strikes. Our treatment removes dead and dying hairs to extend the shed cycle and leave your home cleaner.

Additional Charges

De-Matting: First 15 minutes FREE; then $40 per hour

If it’s been a while since your longer-haired pup last had a groom or good brushing, there may be some matting in the fur. We can easily take care of light matting with a good brush-out, however if the mats are bad enough, our top priority will be the comfort of your pet. Mats can be very painful and can lead to skin problems. While we always do our best to deliver the cut you are dreaming of, sometimes that process is too painful for a badly matted dog and a shave down will be the most humane option.

Extra Dirty Dog: +$5

If Rover has rolled over in a big ol’ mud puddle or two, it may take some extra time to get him back to his gleaming self.

Aggressive or Difficult Dog: +$10

For some poor pups, a trip to the groomer is akin to a trip to the dentist for us. We like to take our time with these guys to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and give them breaks as needed, so a longer groom time is in order.

Dog Training

“Training should be something you do with your dog, not to your dog.”

-Valerie Barry


Our classes are designed to help raise a happy, friendly family dog; and they really work. Positive and Force-Free, they’re based on the most up-to-date dog behaviour science and research.

Join our fun-filled classes on site at our North Vancouver Jet Pet dog daycare with our highly qualified trainers: Pamela Murray of Canine Spirit and Valerie Barry, KPA-CTP, of In Partnership With Dogs. With over 40+ years of combined experience, Pamela and Valerie’s methods are scientifically proven to foster a happy, healthy bond with your dog and deal positively with behavioural issues.


  • My Terrific Teen – a class for adolescent dogs from 6 months to 2 years of age – teach focus, impulse control, social and play skills.
    Classes are $175 for all 4 weeks.
    Call us at (604) 982-9249 or email for more information or to register for a class.
  • My Positive Puppy –a fun, family-friendly experience using the latest knowledge in dog behaviour to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.
    Attending a properly run puppy class gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of your puppy’s imprinting period and earliest stage of development. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s a fantastic chance to develop your puppy’s confidence and help shape your puppy’s attitude and behaviour in a positive way.

    • Who’s eligible for class?
      Healthy puppies who are 9 to 20 weeks of age and have been home for a week prior to the start of class.

Each class session runs for 4 weeks. Families with very young puppies are encouraged to repeat class to get the most benefit from this early stage of maturity prior to reaching the adolescent stage of 5 to 6 months of age.

Payment and Registration
Cost: $160 for all 4 weeks
Call us at (604) 982-9249 or email to register!

Live Pet Cams

Missing your soulmutt?

Our live pet cams broadcast everyday from the North Vancouver dog daycare and cat hotel so you can see your best furry friend while you’re away! Catch the live pet cam streams of our fun zones, and watch your pup lounge, play, exercise and socialize with their furry friends.

View our live petcams


Looking for a career with dogs or just an interesting part time job around dogs and cats?

Our goal is to grow our team of professionals that have a deep love of animals, along with a strong work ethic and high level of integrity.

We welcome team members that are looking for a career, rather than ‘just a job’ whose focus is providing the ultimate in pet care.

Please contact us with your résumé and a brief cover letter telling us why you would like to join our family.

Let’s Chat…

Questions about our services or facility? We love helping pet parents find peace of mind that their furry family members will be in caring hands of professional staff!

We are open:
365 days/year

We Are

Our highly trained Jet Pet team are always more than happy to show you around our 5-star facility!

Tours are available any time. While calling ahead to arrange a tour is great, it is not required. And of course, your pet is welcome to join you on the tour!

Please note that if you are bringing in your pet for a behavioural assessment, an appointment is necessary. If you are bringing your dog for a tour or an assessment, please bring proof of vaccination against Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper.

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In 2017, we welcomed Wag Zone into the Jet Pet family!

By acquiring Wag Zone, our goal is to bring our love of pets, strong culture, and professionalism to the wonderful pet parents in the North Shore of Vancouver.
Please take a few moments to look over our new website and specifically our North Shore page for all our team, services, and rates information. We sincerely consider it an honour and privilege to care for your pup!