Our Dog Purposeful Approach

Designed for and inspired by dogs

What is Dog Purposeful?

Dog Purposeful pet care considers every detail of the environment and experience, from a dog’s perspective – including the smells, sights, sounds, and textures they may encounter. No offence to our human customers, but we designed our locations from the perspective of our actual guests…the dogs!

Using our Dog Purposeful approach, we have updated our staff training, practices and made investments and renovations at each of our facilities, including a new, custom facility in Olympic Village.

We are confident that prioritizing a dog’s perspective into the forefront of our design has a positive, lasting impact on their experience. The Dog Purposeful approach has been custom developed by Jet Pet.

Background and Development

While our customers rave about the warm welcome at our entryways, the fun energy in our social areas, and our cosy suites, what we are most proud of is the impression we make on our furry four-legged guests!

For the past several years, we have focused our thinking on a simple, yet important question – how do our furry friends feel when they are dropped off at Jet Pet? We turned to canine experts to help us develop this innovative approach to pet care – we call it, Dog Purposeful.

Canine experts agree that environment, and activity, are huge factors in how safe and happy a dog feels and we took this to heart. Through research and consultation with experts we eliminated stress triggers and found ways to provide routine while your pet is in our care.

Pillars of Dog Purposeful Care

Positive Sensory Experience

  • We use frosted glass windows and avoid the use of chain link fencing to prevent agitation or frustration in a dog who sees something they can’t get to.
  • We have invested in sound proofing our rest areas to allow for more peaceful downtime.
  • Air circulation systems have been installed to ensure the dogs experience a variety of smells from the natural environment while indoors.

Personalized, Balanced Routine

  • Dogs are offered a balance of play, human interaction, problem solving, and rest to keep their minds active while allowing them to relax and reset.
  • We provide time for a nap at least once a day (or more if needed).
  • We play soft music at bedtime to cue dogs that it is time to wind down, and offer extra comfort for dogs who may be anxious away from home.
  • We use expert-selected aromatherapy to provide comfort and relaxation.

Promote Comfortable Socializing

  • We provide plenty of opportunity for play and social time.
  • Our team provides love, cuddles and one-on-one time each and every day.
  • We match dogs based on temperament and social preference so that their playtime is enjoyable.
  • Our playrooms are designed to allow different groups of dogs to play separately – not every dog will play at the same pace and we take this into careful consideration.

Mind and Body Enrichment

  • Mental stimulation and games are provided to dogs that require a little extra brain exercise.
  • Our play areas offer a variety of sights, including natural materials and structures.
  • Dogs love to perch and watch the world go by – we have designed perching areas for both small and large dogs.
  • Indoor and outdoor facilities available in many of our locations.

Our Canine Experts

Dog Boarding

Fay Egan, Co-Owner and Director of Operations at Jet Pet Resort, trained at University College Dublin, Ireland as a Veterinary Technician. She worked as Practice Manager of City Centre Veterinary group in Dublin, and frequently volunteered with animal organizations. Fay moved to Vancouver in 2014 where she joined the Jet Pet team to continue her passion-led work with animals. Her unique blend of expertise in health and care, global experience, and genuine love for animals makes her a unique and valuable addition to the Jet Pet team.

Tricia Sverre of Canine Align Training. Tricia is a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy’s Professional Dog Training program (KPA-CTP), a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), and a professional member of APDT (The Association of Professional Dog Trainers). ​Tricia had the honour of working at Calgary Humane Society as an Animal Behaviour Counsellor. There, she worked with hundreds of shelter dogs with varying behavioural needs. She also instructed group puppy and adult dog training classes for the public through the shelter.