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The Importance of Socializing Your Puppy

A properly socialized puppy is a well-adjusted dog and makes a great companion. A socialized dog is not frightened by people or places and does not outwardly show aggression when put in an unfamiliar environment. An un-socialized dog is usually untrustworthy and an unwanted liability.

Vancouver Dog Walking

  Vancouver, Richmond and the surrounding lower mainland is a picturesque and fun place to walk your dog. Dogs that have an active exercise routine live longer, are happier, and have less health problems than dogs that are not walked. And it’s a great way for

Useful Tips for Socializing Your Dog

Well socialized dogs grow up to be friendly and happy in the company of people and other animals, and make successful pets. Dogs taken out regularly as can take different situations in stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners. A dog can be taught to be