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Our Team

Über love of pets.

At Jet Pet Resort, we only hire animal-loving, skilled pet care specialists who offer our guests the best care possible with integrity and professionalism. Our team is selected from a highly competitive vetting process. We continually offer on-the-job training as advancements are made in the pet care industry to ensure we can offer you a premium experience, and your pet an unforgettable stay.

Our Team

Nanette Scudamore
Inside Sales

After 25 years in Corporate Banking and 10 years of Payroll, Nanette came out of retirement to answer an ad: “Love Dogs?”. Nine years later, Nanette is still loves snuggling all the pups. She considers it a privilege to be entrusted with clients’ furry family member. Have a poodle question? Nanette sits on the board of The Poodle Specialty Club of BC. She also enjoys making teddy bears, quilting, and working in the public with her standard poodle Vinnie.

Abel Chan
Lead Pet Specialist

Happiest when with dogs, Abel joined the Jet Pet team to gain more knowledge about dogs and can’t think of a better way to spend working hours. Abel started with overnight care for a year and a half. He then transitioned into a Pet Specialist and has been the Lead Pet Specialist for a year. The dogs’ comfort and happiness are the #1 mission.

Mackenzie Bailey
Pet Specialist / Inside Sales

Working with animals has always been a strong passion of Mackenzie’s. Growing up in Calgary, she fostered and rescued her fair share of animals, knowing she was headed towards a career with them. Mackenzie graduated with her Veterinary Assistant Certificate at Bow Valley College in 2016 and as a newcomer to the BC area, she is excited to be a part of the Jet Pet team. Getting to dedicate her time to caring for animals and doing what she loves most makes Mackenzie extremely grateful.

Mary Bragg
Pet Specialist / Inside Sales

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Mary is no stranger to the terrain or needs of Vancouver canines. She’s worked at the Lower Mainland’s specialty pet supply store and has completed her veterinarian assistant course. Along with her French Bulldog Max, Mary loves hiking the North Shore mountains and is excited to be on the Jet Pet team.

Yvonne Huang
Inside Sales

Yvonne has loved dogs her entire life, adopting her own rescue Cairn Terrier a few years ago—and can’t wait to add more furry family members soon! She’s currently in school for International Relations, and loves spending her time making sure relations with Jet Pet’s furry clientele are excellent as part of the pet specialist team.

Sean Aldewood
Pet Specialist

A Vancouver native, Sean grew up on the North Shore with an innate love of animals thanks to his furry, four-legged family member. His interest in the health and wellbeing of animals flourished into a permanent job when Sean joined the Jet Pet North Shore team as a Pet Care Specialist. Sean strives to provide the best quality care for our canine guests, treating each one as though they were his own.

Bob Da Silva Filho
Pet Specialist

Bob raised dogs in his native Brazil, where he grew up breeding Brazilian Mastiffs. Along the way he’s also volunteered at zoos and worked with wild animals. Currently Bob is attending BCIT for marketing, volunteering at the aquarium, and ensuring the Jet Pet guests are receiving top notch care.

Isabelle Black
Pet Specialist

From Jet Pet client to pet specialist, Isabelle is North Shore born and raised. With plenty of dog walking and daycare experience under her belt, Isabelle loves taking care of Jet Pet’s four-legged clients. When she’s not attending her Criminology classes at SFU, Isabelle can be found playing with her Golden Retriever puppy.

Kirsten Mclatchie
Pet Specialist

Kirsten has an abundant amount of pet care experience. Born and raised in North Vancouver, she previously worked at a pet food store and spent time as a groomer. Now, Kirsten is responsible for all of Jet Pet clients’ nail trims. In her off time, Kirsten is hanging out with her own furry menagerie at home.

Kira Viner
Pet Specialist

Kira joined the Jet Pet North Shore team part time while she finishes high school. She has a dog of her own and understands the immense responsibility taking care of animals is—ensuring the job is a perfect fit. Kira loves getting to know all of the different canine guests’ personalities, and especially the snuggles they offer.

Thao Nguyen
Pet Specialist

Thao is currently studying Archeology at Fraser international College with a focus on Zooarchaeology. Her dream is to one day be a museum curator. While she greatly misses her two dogs and two cats back home in Vietnam, Thao enjoys taking care of the pet guests at Jet Pet North Shore, ensuring their comfortable stay.

Kirsten Capul
Pet Specialist

When she was five, Kirsten fell in love with her first dog: a white Golden Lab, and she’s been surrounded by four-legged friends ever since. Suffering from pet allergies never stopped Kirsten from having dogs, and with treatment, she eventually overcame them. With plans to study psychology on the horizon, in the meantime, Kirsten is happiest surrounded by the furry guests of Jet Pet North Shore as a Pet Specialist.

Essence Carlson
Pet Specialist

Born and raised in North Van, Essence grew up around animals and appreciating the mountainscape in our backyard. She can also appreciate that each animal is different, and as a Pet Specialist at Jet Pet North Shore, loves learning about each dog’s personality and quirks. When she’s not giving them all the love and attention they deserve, Essence can be found hanging with her two cats.

Steph Vance
Pet Specialist

Steph loves all the hiking and sports associated with being born and raised in North Van. With an Associate Psychology Degree from Cap U, Steph is hoping to complete a Bachelor’s in Criminology at SFU as well. Lifelong experience with animals, and always eager to learn, Steph is thrilled to be on the Jet Pet North Shore team where she can apply her knowledge to ensuring her furry guests have the best possible experience.

Really amazing people working here. I’ve never seen my little guy run to people like that. They really took the time to get to know him and they always take super good care of him.
– Stephan Rourke-Frew