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Our Team

Über love of pets.

At Jet Pet Resort, we only hire animal-loving, skilled pet care specialists who offer our guests the best care possible with integrity and professionalism. Our team is selected from a highly competitive vetting process. We continually offer on-the-job training as advancements are made in the pet care industry to ensure we can offer you a premium experience, and your pet an unforgettable stay.

Our Team


Kurtis is no stranger to excellent client relations. From studying Event Management in college to Operations Manager for several luxury hotel brands, Kurtis has also owned several small businesses both in his home province of Alberta, as well as in Vancouver. He brings his 20+ years of management experience to Jet Pet now, overseeing our North Shore location and cherished clientele. While dogs have always been part of his life, Kurtis and his husband’s current furry family members are two pet rabbits, Pepper and Dewey.

Assistant Manager

Jack’s love of animals stems from fostering sick and abandoned kittens in Dublin, creating an unbreakable bond with nature and strengthening his passion to follow a career with pets. Through Jet Pet, Jack has earned both human and pet first aid qualifications, as well as a swift jump into a senior role. He brings his strong work ethic and positive outlook onto the job every day as Assistant Manager. Getting to spend so much time with animals and finding a second family with Jet Pet means nothing less than everything to Jack, as a proud and devoted member of the team.

Owner/Director of Operations

Fay has always been an animal lover and being with them is where she is most happy.

Trained at University College Dublin, Ireland as a Veterinary Technician, she became the Practice Manager of a busy City Centre Veterinary group in Dublin, and frequently volunteered with animal organizations. Fay moved to Vancouver in 2014 where she joined the Jet Pet team with its new ownership and is enjoying the change in career. She always knew she would work with animals; she especially enjoys dog training. Delighted to be a part of the Jet Pet team, Fay is determined to provide the best care for all of her guests.

Training and Culture Manager

Kate fell in love with dogs after the first pet joined the family when she was younger, a Golden Retriever named Calvin. She’s spent the past seven years working with dogs and rescued her own pup, a Jack Russel cross named Pibbs, through Jet Pet. Kate is Pet First Aid certified and a committed part of the Jet Pet team as a Senior Lead Pet Specialist, who strives to make every guest visit exceptional.

Pet Specialist

Two things have defined Nico’s goals since childhood: He wanted to be a waiter when he was young, loving the idea of how the job means bringing a smile to someone’s face. And the second is his desire to one day own a dog. In the meantime, Nico is committed to treating every Jet Pet guest with as much love, affection, and attention as if they were his own. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and going to the arcade with friends, drawing and writing poetry. (Nico has also accrued a very large stuffed animal collection with the intention of gifting it to his future dog.)

Pet Specialist

Alix’s affinity for animals began in Kelowna, taking care of horses as well as her family pets that included dogs, newts, rabbits, and a cat. Fun fact: Her favourite animal is actually an insect, though! Aside from her bee obsession, Alix also loves sushi, the colour mustard, and takes extreme pride in her work with the Jet Pet family where she strives to do her best for her team and the pups in their care.

Pet Specialist

Before moving to North Van where Ellie now splits her time between caring for the guests at Jet Pet, and her videography business creating training videos for the agriculture industry, she raised sheep, cattle, rabbits, and horses, as well as trained livestock guardian dogs in Alberta. From water sports to amateur trivia night host, baking to creating, Ellie keeps just as active in her spare time. Fun fact: one of Ellie’s first pets was a Dalmatian named Fred, who was also the local volunteer fire department’s mascot.

Pet Specialist

Brittney grew up surrounded by ten siblings and the incredible nature of Vancouver Island. Her love for animals—especially elephants!—began as a young girl after getting her first dog, Zanadue, for Easter. Brittney has since turned that love into a career. Her favorite part of working with Jet Pet is meeting all the lovely pups and getting to spend every day getting slobbery kisses. Brittney also loves drawing, plain white rice, and The Grinch.

Pet Specialist

Since starting at Jet Pet while she was still finishing high school, Mary has added numerous skills to her resume: Exceptional customer service, multi-tasking, and working with different breeds. One of her favourite parts of the job is learning the different canine personalities and how to make the most of their day based on their different needs. When she’s not working to ensure Jet Pet guests are having their best stay yet, she’s caring for her own pets at home—including three chickens!

Pet Specialist

Vitoria moved from Brazil to Canada in 2021 and is studying Tourism Management. She misses her two dogs back home in Brazil, but working with the amazing dogs at Jet Pet helps warm her heart until they can be reunited! Vitoria loves helping people and animals as part of her Pet Specialist role, is a writer in her spare time, and secretly wishes she could be a cat and just sleep and eat all day…

Pet Specialist

Pang came to Vancouver to achieve her Sales & Marketing Diploma. She joined Jet Pet North Shore as a way to surround herself with the absolute love that comes from the furry four-legged guests while she’s far away from home. Having always dreamt of having her own pet, Pang now has three cats to keep her company while she’s doing her other favourite pastime: cooking!

Pet Specialist

Emma was born and raised in Pittsburgh but moved to Vancouver with her family in 2016. She is a lover of all pets, but has a special place in her heart for dogs. She’s the proud owner of a 4-pound Yorkie named Tallulah who has taught her patience and unconditional love. She loves being a part of the Jet Pet Team and believes “it’s a dog’s world and we are just living in it.” She is also graduating high school this year and is an avid volunteer.

Really amazing people working here. I’ve never seen my little guy run to people like that. They really took the time to get to know him and they always take super good care of him.
– Stephan Rourke-Frew