Our Team

Über love of pets.

At Jet Pet Resort, we only hire animal-loving, skilled pet care specialists who offer our guests the best care possible with integrity and professionalism. Our team is selected from a highly competitive vetting process. We continually offer on-the-job training as advancements are made in the pet care industry to ensure we can offer you a premium experience, and your pet an unforgettable stay.

Our Team


Born and raised in Vancouver with strong Irish and Scottish heritage, Anna’s been part of the pet health industry for over 30 years with experience as a certified professional pet food nutritionist. She is partial to giant dog breeds and brings her unique decade-plus experience in natural pet health to help nourish our Jet Pet guests to live their best furry lives while in our care!

Assistant Manager

Jack’s love of animals stems from fostering sick and abandoned kittens in Dublin, creating an unbreakable bond with nature and strengthening his passion to follow a career with pets. Through Jet Pet, Jack has earned both human and pet first aid qualifications, as well as a swift jump into a senior role. He brings his strong work ethic and positive outlook onto the job every day as Assistant Manager. Getting to spend so much time with animals and finding a second family with Jet Pet means nothing less than everything to Jack, as a proud and devoted member of the team.

Owner/Director of Operations

Fay has always been an animal lover and being with them is where she is most happy.

Trained at University College Dublin, Ireland as a Veterinary Technician, she became the Practice Manager of a busy City Centre Veterinary group in Dublin, and frequently volunteered with animal organizations. Fay moved to Vancouver in 2014 where she joined the Jet Pet team with its new ownership and is enjoying the change in career. She always knew she would work with animals; she especially enjoys dog training. Delighted to be a part of the Jet Pet team, Fay is determined to provide the best care for all of her guests.

Training and Culture Manager

Kate fell in love with dogs after the first pet joined the family when she was younger, a Golden Retriever named Calvin. She’s spent the past seven years working with dogs and rescued her own pup, a Jack Russel cross named Pibbs, through Jet Pet. Kate is Pet First Aid certified and a committed part of the Jet Pet team as a Senior Lead Pet Specialist, who strives to make every guest visit exceptional.

Pet Specialist

Finding his way to Vancouver from India to pursue his master’s degree, Gaurav is thrilled to have found family through Jet Pet. Gaurav’s passion for working with our furry Jet Pet guests is evident through their tail wags and enthusiasm when in his care. In his free time, Gaurav explores the beautiful sights of the Lower Mainland and loves to cook traditional Indian food.

Pet Specialist

Joining us from the sunny gold coast of Queensland, Australia for the snowy mountain-scape of beautiful British Columbia and its many skiing opportunities, Sian’s love of animals grew from hours spent playing with her own dog at the beach back home. She’s happy to be spending her days with the dogs of Jet Pet when not hitting the slopes!

Pet Specialist

Ever since her family adopted their first dog while she was in kindergarten back home in Saskatchewan, Brooke’s love of animals grew into a profession, earning her Veterinary Office Assistant Diploma and most recently, her Fear Free Certification. When not caring for our Jet Pet guests, Brooke is out hiking with her Siberian Husky mix, or cuddling up with her Domestic Shorthair Tuxedo cat to read a good book.

Inside Sales

Coming to join the Jet Pet crew from Turkey, “the land of stray cats” as she calls it, her experience caring for unwanted animals makes Sila a compassionate caregiver at Jet Pet. Vegan because she believes in protecting all animals, Sila enjoys writing, walking along the beach, and swimming in the lakes of Northern BC in her spare time.

Pet Specialist

Mel’s love for animals stemmed from his very first visit to the aquarium at just three-years-old, where he fell in love with the sea otters! Now an active marine conservationist, marine science enthusiast, and animal educator at the Vancouver aquarium with over 800 hours of conservation under his belt, Mel loves to also care for Jet Pet’s furry guests—especially those of the herding group breeds.

Pet Specialist

Born and raised in the island nation of the Philippines, Jemuel spent his life surrounded by farm animals to dogs and cats, fascinated with how much dogs can make our lives happier, and even easier in some cases! His favourite breed is Huskies, having three of his own, lovingly describing them as “a battery-wrapped ball of fur.” He joined the Jet Pet team to support his wife’s studies in Canada and loves to fish, play video games, and try out new flavours of food from different cultures.

Pet Specialist

Neelam came to Canada from Fiji in search of better opportunities in the pet industry. She believes working with animals is fun and incredibly rewarding, making her a paw-fect fit at Jet Pet Resort. Neelam has volunteered in rescue shelters and worked in veterinary clinics, graduating with a bachelor’s in veterinary science and animal husbandry in 2022.

Pet Specialist

A dog lover at heart, Barbara finds great joy in giving our four-legged guests plenty of love. Joining the Jet Pet family from Chile while she studies, Barbara is grateful to work with our wonderful furry friends and is an enthusiastic caregiver.

Really amazing people working here. I’ve never seen my little guy run to people like that. They really took the time to get to know him and they always take super good care of him.
– Stephan Rourke-Frew