Our Team

Über love of pets.

At Jet Pet Resort, we only hire animal-loving, skilled pet care specialists who offer our guests the best care possible with integrity and professionalism. Our team is selected from a highly competitive vetting process. We continually offer on-the-job training as advancements are made in the pet care industry to ensure we can offer you a premium experience, and your pet an unforgettable stay.

Our Team

Owner/Director of Operations

Fay has always been an animal lover and being with them is where she is most happy.

Trained at University College Dublin, Ireland as a Veterinary Technician, she became the Practice Manager of a busy City Centre Veterinary group in Dublin, and frequently volunteered with animal organizations. Fay moved to Vancouver in 2014 where she joined the Jet Pet team with its new ownership and is enjoying the change in career. She always knew she would work with animals; she especially enjoys dog training. Delighted to be a part of the Jet Pet team, Fay is determined to provide the best care for all of her guests.

Training and Culture Manager

Kate fell in love with dogs after the first pet joined the family when she was younger, a Golden Retriever named Calvin. She’s spent the past seven years working with dogs and rescued her own pup, a Jack Russel cross named Pibbs, through Jet Pet. Kate is Pet First Aid certified and a committed part of the Jet Pet team as a Senior Lead Pet Specialist, who strives to make every guest visit exceptional.

Facility Manager

During Charlie’s extensive travels she always found herself drawn to the stray dogs more than the sights. This passion for animals led to adopting her chihuahua Bella. Her dream is to open an animal shelter with her mother. Certified in pet first aid and an avid dog sitter for friends, Charlie’s right at home as the facility manager, surrounded by pets.

Pet Specialist

Bruna enjoys working with animals for the mutual affection and respect, seeing her work at Jet Pet as something that benefits her as much as it does the animals she lovingly cares for. Sharing her home with four-legged companions, like the 6 cats and 4 dogs who currently await her visits, comes naturally to this Pet Specialist.

Pet Specialist

Kamila’s compassionate nature and exceptional understanding of animal behaviour gleaned from her time working at a bunny farm and animal shelter back in Kazakhstan, allow her to provide top-notch care and support to all our four-legged guests. She firmly believes that a harmonious and loving relationship between humans and animals is essential for a better world and is unwaveringly committed to the well-being and happiness of our furry friends.

Pet Specialist

Sebastian’s parents instilled a profound love for animals in him as a young child in Mexico, igniting a lifelong passion for animal welfare and well-being. Now, Sebastian wholeheartedly cares for all our furry guests as a Pet Specialist, providing them with the love and attention they deserve.

Pet Specialist

Drawn to the positive energy animals give, Paulina believes our furry friends are what make us better human beings. Surrounding herself with rescue dogs all her life, including her senior pit bull back home in Slovakia, Paulina also adopted two street cat to complete her pack. Her unique sense of compassion makes Paulina a thoughtful and caring Jet Pet specialist.

Pet Specialist

A finance specialist with a penchant for animals, Helwe has three dogs—two Dobermans, Asher and Nala, as well as a Jack Russell named Bonnie—back home in Peru whom she misses a little less only when surrounded by Jet Pet’s wonderful pet guests in her dream job: caring for dogs!

Really amazing people working here. I’ve never seen my little guy run to people like that. They really took the time to get to know him and they always take super good care of him.
– Stephan Rourke-Frew