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Cat Boarding

Our priority is your pet.

At Jet Pet’s cat boarding facility in Vancouver, we recognize that your cat’s well-being is based on the fundamentals of safety and relaxation, so we strive to offer them nothing less than what you would at home.

Our 5-star facility offers you affordable luxury and a professional staff grounded in their mission to further the well-being of pets not only in our care, but the community at large.

Cat Boarding Highlights

At Jet Pet Resort we strive to provide a welcoming environment that your cat can feel safe and comfortable in, so they’ll have peace and you can have peace of mind.

Each of our private suite options comes with an all-access pass to the Cat Lounge for mingling and play time with plenty of scratch posts, toys, and games. Our qualified staff are there to provide one-on-one attention.

If your cat enjoys grooming, please bring a favourite brush or comb so we can continue their routine. Each cat is fed separately, and at their own pace to ensure their time with us is as relaxing as possible.

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Cat Boarding Vancouver

The staff is amazing and they do a great job of genuinely taking care of your pet (even if your pet is fussy, like Oreo). It’s also nice to be able to see your pet’s photos while you are away. I will definitely be using their services again!
– Tj Daniella

Rooms & Rates

Click to expand each room for details. Rates discounted when you book more nights.

Cat Lounge

Rate $32 $28 $26 $24
Night 1-3 4-8 9-14 15+
The Cat Lounge provides a community atmosphere with shared amenities such as TV, sofa, scratching posts, and toys. Webcam access is included with your cat’s stay so you can check in with them.

Accessible by private suite guests, the Lounge also features private bunks for sleeping, naps, and meal time for guests who choose the Private Suite option for their stay.

Private Suite

Rate $46 $43 $41 $39
Night 1-3 4-8 9-14 15+
Our well-appointed Private Suite is suitable for one cat, or two from the same family.* Recommended over the Cat Lounge for longer stays, the Private offers a getaway for cats who wish for a little more privacy.

Double Grand Suite

Rate $56 $53 $51 $49
Night 1-3 4-8 9-14 15+
A spacious suite situated on the second floor, the Double Grand Suite accommodates one cat, or up to 5 cats from the same family.*

Private Luxury Suite

Rate $139 $139 $139 $139
Night 1-3 4-8 9-14 15+
The Private Luxury Suite offers a birds-eye view of the lower courtyard for all-day entertainment, while an in-suite TV and private webcam access completes the second floor room. Available for one lucky cat, or suitable for up to 5 cats from the same family.*


  Cat Lounge Private Suite Double Grand Suite Private Luxury Suite
Regular Rates**        
1-3 nights $32/night $46/night $56/night $139/night
4-8 nights $28/night $43/night $53/night $139/night
9-15 nights $26/night $41/night $51/night $139/night
15+ nights $24/night $39/night $49/night $139/night
  Book a room Book a room Book a room Book a room

* Each additional cat from the same family stays for 50% off.

** Additional $10/night for bookings during Peak Season.

Additional $20/night for bookings during Premium Season.

Special Extras

Baths at the Spaw

Nothing is more relaxing than sinking into a soapy tub, and at the Jet Pet Spaw we indulge our guests in top quality products.

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24/7 peace of mind! Check-up on your pet from any device any time to watch them sleep & play.

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Food Prep

Routine is key to whole cat happiness, and at Jet Pet Resort we’re happy to prepare your pet’s meal to perfection; just like at home.

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