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Our passion is pets, and our priority is providing them a safe and fun environment while you’re away by indulging them in all the comforts of home, and more. While we offer personal attention and tons of fun on the house, you can always choose to add a Special Service to your pet’s experience for that little something extra.

Choose from off-premise dog hikes with Vancouver’s premier dog walking company, Release The Hounds, and cap off the stay with a pampered day at the Spaw.

A la carte

From classic bubble to luxury baths that include nail clipping and more, each Spaw visit includes a blow dry and brush for a completely pampered experience.


Our trained pet specialists will ensure your pet’s nails are clipped to perfection.

In House Food

Gone longer than expected? Or maybe your pet was a little hungrier than usual? We stock high quality, dry pet food.

Raw Food Prep

Routine is key to whole dog happiness, and at Jet Pet Resort we’re happy to prepare your pet’s meal to perfection; just like at home. We take extensive care and prep instructions during our application process to ensure we get it right.


We indulge our guests in top quality products and a serene atmosphere. Simply choose whether to start your dog off with this relaxing ritual to put them in a happy frame of mind, or to conclude their stay with one so that you’re reunited with a clean, zen dog.

What a stress free experience leaving Rudy here due to a last minute trip. He was cared for, played with and loved. (I’m surprised he even wanted to leave!!) It was great to see his pics posted while we were away.
The staff are friendly and helpful and I will definitely be recommending Jet Pet Resort to my friends.
– Kristen Andreopoulos


We know  that your pup is part of your family, and at Jet Pet we’ve made sure our care and team will treat them as one of our own. That means going the extra mile. Like having the longest opening hours in Vancouver to make drop-off and pick-up convenient to you. Or indulging your furry family member in a luxury bath at our Spaw. Talk to a member of our team about Spaw and food add-ons to make your pet’s stay is unforgettable.

Spaw & Food Add-ons:

Spa Bath Luxury
Anal Glands
Small <40lbs $25 $60 $15 $5
Large >40lbs $35 $75 $20 $5


Raw Food Prep $5/day
Medication Administration $5/administration

Dog Walks with Release The Hounds

Dog guests are treated to plenty of activities and play time both indoor and out, at Jet Pet Resort. Optional Dog Hikes with Release the Hounds are available and beneficial for:

  • Adventurous and energetic dogs
  • Fresh air and plenty of exercise resulting in a happy, relaxed dog
  • A change of scenery for extended stay guests

Fresh air and exercise are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits your dog will reap from dog walking excursions with Release the Hounds. Socialization and good old fashion fun will contribute to a happier, calmer, more responsive dog. With guidance from our certified walkers, your dog will also add new verbal cues and adopt a more refined walking manner over time.
Choose from private walks or group adventures of award-winning quality with the highly trained team at Release the Hounds; Jet Pet’s affiliate in fun, professional, and safe dog walks.

Group Adventures

Our off-leash Adventure Hikes in lush, forested parts Vancouver and along the beaches and parks of the Greater Vancouver area are perfect for high endurance dogs who need a lot of exercise and trailblazing to burn off excess energy. The hikes offer plenty of running, swimming, and chasing of sticks and squirrels.

Private Walks

We know some dogs just don’t do the group dog walking thing. Our private program is designed specifically for puppies who need a bit more time to work on their recall, seniors who just can’t keep up with the pack, females in season, and dogs with special needs or behavioral challenges.