5 Ways To Beat The Heat With Your Dog This Summer

5 Ways To Beat The Heat With Your Dog This Summer

As the days get hotter and longer, our canine companions need a little extra care to keep cool. Here are the top 5 tips on how to beat the heat with your dog this summer.

1. Keep Them Out of Cars

Going for adventures are a key part of summer – just make sure your dog isn’t suffering along the way. Open the windows, turn the AC on max, and provide them with ample water to help keep them cool. And don’t forget, they should never be left alone in the car!

2. Water Everywhere

Head to the beach, run through a river, or even use a sprinkler. Your dog will love the refreshing feel of water on their skin, especially if you can make a game of it.

3. Stay Hydrated

Consuming water is just as important as being around it. Making sure your dog has water at all times will keep them happy and healthy during the hotter months.

4. Freeze Treats

Frozen treats are the number one way of keeping your dog happy while they’re chilling out. You can freeze some chicken broth, vegetables, and fruit mixtures together to create fun new snacks. Be sure to consult with your vet about which fruits and veggies are safe for your dog.

5. Grooming

Grooming can keep your dog feeling easy and breezy. For most dogs, the less fur they have, the better. If you can use a proper de-shedding brush, you can get out the majority of their loose fur. For some dogs, you’ll want to be sure to get the undercoat as thin as possible too. A thick coat is like wearing a wool sweater on a hot summer day. Not fun!

Keeping your dog happy and healthy in the heat is easy – especially if you follow these 5 simple tips! As always, remember to have fun!

Commonly asked questions by dog owners:

How do you take care of your dog in summer?

Summer can be a challenge for our furry friends, so keeping them cool is a great idea in preventing any heat-related illnesses that can arise in your dog. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to keeping your dog cool. First, minimize the sun exposure, take your pup for a walk in the morning or at night. Finally, make sure your dog has fresh water to gulp on every time he needs, to avoid dehydration.

What can I give my dog for summer?

Treat your little fellas with a handful of frozen fruits cut into small pieces. Nothing can beat the heat of summer better than seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon or oranges. Another thing that your dog would love to munch in the scorching heat is chicken stock cubes. Just grab an ice tray, pour in some chicken stock, freeze it and offer them to your dog to nibble on.

How can I help my dog in hot weather?

Try to keep your dog in shade during the day time when the sun is most intense. If your dog likes to play around in the garden, leave the water sprinkler on, to keep the grass cool so your dog doesn’t get overheated. You can also keep a pool near the dog house for your dog to enjoy a quick bath when needed. Giving a good hair trim to your buddy would also go a long way in knocking the heat off.

How do I keep my dog cool on a hot day?

First and foremost, keep your dog inside during the day time and avoid taking them out to reduce the risk of heatstroke. In case, you have to take them out, don’t leave them in the car alone, take them with you instead. Don’t forget a water bottle for them while stepping out of the house. And even when you’re inside, a clean supply of water should be at their reach 24/7 so they don’t get thirsty. You can put damp towels on them if you see signs of overheating.

Does wetting a dog cool it down?

Dogs love to get a nice splash of water, especially in summers, so don’t think twice to get your dog a paddling pool. Dogs tend to get rid of the extra heat through panting (tongue) or via the paws. In this scenario, dipping the dog feet in the water and wetting the skin is an incredible way to cool your doggo down. Besides this, you can also douse your dog by putting a wet blanket over him to reduce the hot flushes.

How do you know when a dog is too hot?

Summers can prove to be fatal for your teeny-tiny mates. Hence, looking for the signs of overheating in dogs is very crucial to avoid any mishap (God forbid). If you see your dog panting heavily, this can be a sign that he is thawing. Other signs include, excessive drooling, increased breathing and drenched eyes. In the worst cases, the dog can also get seizures which are really serious and you don’t have any option besides taking him to the vet.

Should I hose down my dog in hot weather?

If your dog isn’t afraid of running/ sprinkling water, there is nothing wrong with hosing him down in hot weather. In fact, it will be a great way to drop down the heat from your pet dog. Just make sure to adjust the water pressure while hosing him. You can use a sprayer or an attachment to drizzle the water and keep your pal cool in the burning weather.

Will a fan cool a dog?

A fan will give a cooling effect to your dog for sure, however, it won’t cool the dog in the same way as it does to humans. Dogs usually sweat and eliminate heat via the paws or via panting instead of the body. So wetting their paws and putting them in front of the fan will definitely lower the temperature of your dog. But relying on a fan to cool your dog down won’t be an entirely reliable solution by itself, consider combining it with summer dog grooming.


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