Remembrance Day; poppy safety with our pets

During World War I and II, the lives of many soldiers, and even animals, were lost. In Canada, on November 11th, we honour them on Remembrance Day, while practicing poppy safety with our pets

dog sitting in poppy fieldRemembrance Day is observed every November 11th in Canada and is a national commemoration for the brave Canadians who died in armed conflicts. To honour their memories, many people wear artificial red poppies, the emblem of Remembrance Day, pinned to their clothes and kept close to their hearts. The importance of this tradition should always be a protected staple during the month of November.

As pet owners, please be mindful that this beautiful flower, generously handed to the public by donations that support our veterans, often house a dangerous feature to our pets.

Some tips on poppy safety with pets

  1. The exposed needle behind the poppy must be tucked securely beneath clothing, as dogs often hug humans in greeting and may poke or scratch themselves against us.
  2. Be sure to collect any poppy pins you see on the ground, as some dogs will eat anything off the sidewalk!dog remembrance day safety
  3. And lastly, remove and store your poppy pins safely, especially if you have a cat at home, because that small precious flower is often a tempting toy for them to play with.


By following the above safety tips, you are proactively maintaining poppy safety in your home and areas in which your pet will be. May your mind be at ease when you showcase this pin and remember those who have bravely served and protected our communities.