James Woller

James Woller

James is a natural entrepreneur with a track record of excellence-driven results through the creation, growth and development of effective teams with a focus on organizational leadership.

Since joining Release the Hounds in 2011 as an owner, James has played a significant role in propelling the industry-leading pet services brand from a start-up into one of Canada’s largest dog walking companies through his focus on excellence in client care and quality of service.

Previously he was the Director of Business Development with Bulembu, a sustainable development initiative in Southern Africa. James was part of a team that created over 650 jobs and multiple companies; generating significant revenue for orphan care, education and community development.

James has also sat on the board of the Trinity Western Alumni Association and co-authored The Skill, a leadership book on personal mastery and learning. James loves spending time with his wife Rose and their three children. In his rare downtime, he enjoys playing tennis, skiing and traveling.

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