James Woller

James Woller

James joined Jet Pet’s sister pet services company, Release the Hounds, in 2011 to help propel the company forward to be the industry leader it is today.

His experience in organizational leadership, strategic planning, and reliable, safe and professional operations are key factors in the success of both Release the Hounds and Jet Pet as professional service providers.

At an early age, James’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished and he acquired work experience in business, government, and not-for-profit industries. At Trinity Western University where he studied International Affairs and Economic Development, James served as student body president overseeing a staff of over 50. Most notably, he was part of the founding team for Vancouver’s Bulembu International; a sustainable community development project in Swaziland, identified by BC Business as an industry leader in branding/marketing.

On the rare occasions he isn’t working, James loves spending time with his wife Rose and their children. He’s also an avid tennis player and loves to read and travel in his spare time.

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