Summer Cat Care Tips – Help Your Cat Beat The Heat

Summer Cat Care Tips – Help Your Cat Beat The Heat

Summer cat on beach

8 Summer Cat Care Tips

The dog days of summer are here but for cat owners in Vancouver, Richmond and all of the lower mainland, they can be trying times. Cats love the sun, and some love to avoid water. Making sure your cat is comfortable can be challenging. Here are some quick ideas to help your cat beat the summer heat.

#1 Create a ‘cool’ bed. 

Cats naturally gravitate to the most comfortable sleeping area they can find. A bed that’s comfortably cool can really hit the spot. gives a great tip: place a packet of frozen vegetables or even a frozen water bottle under a blanket or your cat’s bed cover to provide a cooled zone that conforms to your cat’s contours.

#2 Hydration is key.

Always make sure that there is plenty of easily available chilled water for your kitty. Many cat owners swear by automatic drinking fountains to entice their cats to drink more water. The aeration and filtration provide cool, clean water that cats are drawn to like a favourite faucet. If you really want to make it inviting, float an ice cube or two in the bowl.

#3 Wipe your cat down.

Consider that cats only sweat through their feet, they don’t get the nice sheen of sweat we humans produce to aid in heat dissipation. A nice damp washcloth will bring temporary heat relief to your cat.

#4 Know the signs of heatstroke.

Panting, staggering, very red gums, restlessness and/or vomiting. If any of these signs develop, your cat should get to the vet as soon as possible.

#5 Protect from the sun.

Always provide your cat with adequate shelter and shade from the sun outdoors. Even if your cat is an outdoor cat, it is always best on hot days to keep your cat indoors. If your cat does go outside and is fair-skinned, apply sunscreen to it’s nose and ears to avoid sunburn.

#6 Check for fleas.

Although people expect dogs to get fleas, not cats, fleas are a problem throughout the year for your feline friend and are especially bad during the summer months.  Ensure you use a good quality flea control product on your cat and don’t forget to treat the environment too! Your veterinarian will be able to advise you on the best products to use.

#7 Elderly and obese cats.

Senior and overweight cats are far less tolerant of the heat, therefore it is even more important to ensure they are kept cool.

#8 Bring your cat to the resort!

Jet Pet Resort is a fantastic place to bring your cat for daycare or even an overnight stay on those particularly hot days – especially if you have to go out and don’t want to leave your cat at home alone. Our cat wing features individual cat suites, a temperature-controlled environment system, plenty of clean, cool and fresh water, all kinds of places to lounge, a large plasma screen TV, dimmed lights, and all the love and care that our Pet Specialists can shower them with.

This summer, make sure that your cat is as comfortable as they can be. Remember,  your cat is basically wearing a fur coat and if you are hot, chances are they are too! Follow the above simple tips and we are certain that your cat will be a little more comfortable on those hot days this summer!