Summer Dog Grooming in Vancouver

Summer Dog Grooming in Vancouver

20121103_110900If you own a dog that has any sort of length to its coat, you will know that each summer means that a grooming session is on the horizon! Summer dog grooming not only trims down a dog’s winter coat, but it also prepares its paws in spring for hot summer pavements. Even though dogs have a natural cooling system, grooming your dog in the summer can help reduce the heat and make your dog that much more comfortable. A lot of us are out and about with our dogs in Vancouver, but if you see any early signs of heatstroke in your dog, then you should do what you can to keep your puppy cool.

Keep reading to learn more about summer dog grooming and how Jet Pet Resort can help make your dog look and feel better this summer, even if you’re away.

Dog Grooming: The Summer Cut and Brushing

Dogs use their coats as natural weather control and do not benefit from being completely shaved down. This can actually be more uncomfortable and even lead to skin problems since a dog’s skin isn’t meant to be exposed to that level of sun. Prior to your dog’s summer cut, try to be more diligent brushing and combing your dog. This will help remove its thick winter undercoat, reduce shedding and help remove any small items that may have collected in your dog’s fur such as twigs and leave debris.

Dog Grooming: Summer Baths

Consider increasing the number of baths your dog has during the summer months. This will help to ensure your dog’s coat stays as sleek and as well-groomed as possible. Brush your dog before the bath to remove extra hair and dead skin, as well as after the bath. Additional baths will also help reduce parasites. You may want to apply flea or tick repellent after the bath because many brands wash off during a bath.

Dog Grooming: Summer Nail Trimming

During the summer months, your dog will be spending much more active time outside. As such, you need to make certain that your dog’s nails are properly trimmed. Longer nails may catch or break, causing unnecessary injury and pain. But do not cut off more of the nail than you have to! It is extremely painful for a dog if you cut it quickly.

Dog Grooming: Summer Paw Trimming

In summer the pavement or the sand on the beach can be blistering. The fur that grows under your dog’s paws helps to protect it. But, leaving the paw-fur long can cause tree sap or gummy dirt to stick things to the paw and even between the fingers. This needs to be trimmed.

Dog Grooming: Summer Ear Grooming

Dog ears, especially in dog breeds with droopy ears, are particularly vulnerable in summer. As vegetation is longer, it is important to groom the fur around your dog ears to prevent seeds, leaves or debris from clinging to it and making its way into the ear cavity.

Dog Grooming: Summer Tail Grooming

Many dog breeds have luxurious furry tails. In summer, it’s important to include tail trimming in your dog grooming routine. This will prevent leaves, branches or garden debris from collecting in your dog’s tail.

Dog Grooming: The Spa at Jet Pet Resort – More Affordable Than You Think!

KaoriJet Pet Resort is home to a 5 star, state of the art grooming facility called The Spa. Full grooming appointments are available seven days a week by appointment and are done by Kaori, the resident professional groomer on staff. She is a true artist when it comes to grooming dogs and she can transform ‘mangy’ to ‘marvellous’ in just a few short hours. Of course, Jet Pet Resort also offers Bath and Tidy services, for those dogs between full grooms who just need a light trim to freshen up their appearance. Our Pet Specialists are all able to give luxury and regular baths using our unique handheld aqua massage bathing system and each can handle even the finickiest of nail trims. For more information on our grooming and spa services please click here.

So on your pets next visit to Jet Pet Resort, remember that we not only handle the boarding of your pet, but we can help make them look and feel like a million bucks, and there is no better feeling than being greeted by your best friend in the lobby after your trip smelling fantastic and feeling soft and fresh! Learn more about our dog grooming service! Or, read more on our top summer dog care tips!