10 Ways To Make Your Yard Safer For Your Dog or Cat

10 Ways To Make Your Yard Safer For Your Dog or Cat

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As the weather turns nicer and your pets spend more time outside, remember that there are always potential dangers for your dog or cat in the yard. Make no mistake, your pet is excited to get outside and get exploring after months of limited exposure. It’s up to you as the responsible owner to make sure that when they do venture out, that they will be safe and have a fun time carrying on. Jet Pet Resort has put together this quick list for you to help you make sure that your yard is safe for your dog or cat.

10 Ways To Make Your Yard Safer For Your Pet

  1. Clear The Winter Debris – Take time to clear any accumulated debris and garbage that may pose hazards.
  2. Inspect and Repair Fences or Gates – Your dog or cat can run away if they find openings in damaged fences or gates. They can also get hurt or strangled if they get stuck.
  3. Inspect And Repair Deck Lattice – Your pet can get stuck in the openings under your deck and possibly be strangled.
  4. Clean Away Algae – Algae can be found in ponds or other bodies of still water; certain forms can be toxic.
  5. Properly Store and Clean away any Spilled Coolant – some types of coolant products contain ethylene glycol, which is highly toxic to dogs and cats, even in small amounts.
  6. Caution Around The Fire Pit/Grill – Flames can result in serious burns and ashes can cause illness if ingested. Use caution when in use, and clean when not.
  7. Cover Compost (particularly if moldy) – Compost can be a source of dangerous pathogens, which can seriously harm or kill pets – even in small amounts.
  8. Properly Store and Clean away any spilled gasoline, oil and/or pesticidesAll contain chemicals that may cause serious illness depending on the circumstances of exposure.
  9. Use Safe Fertilizer – Cocoa bean shell mulch fertilizer and other types can cause serious illness.
  10. Keep The Lawn Clean – Maintain a close cut lawn for quick visual inspection of any potential hazards such as broken glass.

So there you have it. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a great starting point. With a little hard work and some common sense your dog or cat can spend all summer enjoying the yard, and you can let them worry free.

At Jet Pet Resort we have our own outside play yard and our own indoor courtyard which we monitor daily. We are always conscious of potential hazards and work tirelessly to maintain our high level safety for your pet. We are Canada’s only Chemical Free pet boarding facility so there are never any dangerous materials to spill. And because of our extensive daily cleaning routine, our facility is always free of mold, algae, or anything else that can potentially harm a pet. There is a very simple reason why people choose to keep their pets with us, its called trust.


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