Common Plants That Can Be Deadly to Your Pet

Common Plants That Can Be Deadly to Your Pet

 toxic plants for catsAs spring enters full bloom it is more important than ever to go over the plants that are in and around your home or in your yard. Making sure the plants you keep are safe for your cat or dog is one of the best ways to ensure that a fun day of play doesn’t turn into a tragic nightmare.

Jet Pet Resort has put this list together to help you stay informed. We know the owners of our guests are the most responsible pet owners out there and we know that you will do whatever it takes to ensure that your pet is out of harm’s way. With just a bit of knowledge and thoughtful planning, you can ensure that the time your pet spends playing and exploring always ends happily.

There are quite a few common (and some not so common) plants that can be extremely toxic to your pet causing them to become violently ill and can even cause death. If you have any of the plants listed below, make sure that they are in places where your pets can’t reach them or consider getting rid of them altogether. Remember, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, and being a responsible pet owner means being an informed pet owner.


Common Household Plants That Can Be Toxic To Cats And Dogs

Aloe Amaryllis Andromeda Japonica Asian Lily
Asparagus Fern Australian Nut Autumn Crocus Azalea
Belladonna Bird of Paradise Bittersweet Black Locust
Branching Ivy Buckeye Buddhist Pine Caladium
Calla Lily Castor Bean Ceriman Clematis
Cordatum Corn Plant Cycads Cyclamen
Daffodil Daylily Devil’s Ivy Dieffenbachia
Dumbcane Easter Lily Elephant Ears Emerald Fern
English Ivy Eucalyptus Ferns Fiddle-leaf Philodendron
Gold Dust Dracaena Florida Beauty Foxglove Glacier Ivy
Gladiolas Golden Pothos Heavenly Bamboo Honeysuckle
Hurricane Plant Hyacinth Hydrangea Iris
Jerusalem Cherry Jimson Weed Kalanchoe Lantana
Lilies (all Lilium species) Lily of the Valley Lupine Marble Queen
Morning Glory Mother-in-Law Mountain Laurel Narcissus
Needlepoint Ivy Nephthytis Nightshade Oleander
Panda Peace Lily Philodendron Poison hemlock
Precatory Bean (rosary pea) Privet Red Emerald Rhododendron
Ribbon Plant Sago Palm Satin Pathos Schefflera
Striped Dracaena Sweetheart Ivy Tulip Water Hemlock
Wisteria Yew Yucca  

Because there are so many plants that are toxic and can harm your cat or dog, Jet Pet Resort only has man-made or faux plants in pet common areas such as our courtyard, lane-ways and outside areas and only has ‘safe for pets’ natural plants and flowers in our reception area. We take the safety and well-being of your pet (and their curiosity!) very seriously. It’s just another little way that Jet Pet Resort goes the extra mile to make sure that your pet’s stay with us is a worry-free one!

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* Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you think that your pet has ingested anything which is causing it to be lethargic or ill, you should immediately seek the advice and aid of your vet.