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The Importance Of Exercising Your Dog and Why Your Dog Needs It

The Importance Of Exercising Your Dog and Why Your Dog Needs It

Three dogs going for a walk with their owner

No matter the age, breed, or size, every dog needs regular exercise. Proven over time, a tired dog is better behaved, calm, focused, and understanding. Regular exercise doesn’t just benefit them, it can benefit you too.

Exercising keeps your dog healthy and limber while reducing behavioural problems such as excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and other anxiety-related behaviours. It also helps your dog build trust and confidence in you and in their environment.

Why My Dog?

If you don’t know how much exercise your dog needs, we’ve got you covered. Obesity is one of the most common health concerns for dogs. Your first step should be taking your dog to the vet and find an ideal weight goal, as well as a current weight. This information will allow you to make the proper adjustments for your dog, whether it’s a food portion change, a treat type change, or just another few minutes on the walk. Some problems can be fixed quickly with proper dieting and portion control. If you’re not a table feeder, then you’re already on the right track!

Dog Exercise. Playing with your dog in the park

How To Exercise Your Dog

On-leash and off-leash walking can determine different types of exercise. On-leash allows you to structure the walk and keeps you in control of any situation (and make sure to use a good dog leash—try find the perfect one using this handy guide.) Off-leash allows your dog to go at their own pace, usually provides a longer, more exciting walk and allows them to explore their surroundings. Swimming is also a great way to burn off additional energy. Just be careful of unknown current, or water traffic.

Dog sports and group activities can also burn excess energy and really give your dog a proper workout. This allows them to build social skills, while also trying to develop common training practices like catching, running back and forth, and staying within an enclosed area. Similar to smarter toys, this kind of workout exercises their brain much more than their muscles and keeps them focussed on a task. Try to prepare your dog for brain activities by giving them ample rest before and after, as well as keeping them hydrated.

What If My Dog Can’t Exercise?

If you’re concerned about how exercise might affect your pup’s health in a negative way, consult your veterinarian. If you’re told to be careful for certain things or limit your pup’s exercise, then you will need to find other ways to exercise your dog safely. Your vet will certainly have some tips for you regarding alternative methods. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

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