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A guide to off leash dog parks in Vancouver, Richmond and the lower mainland.

A guide to off leash dog parks in Vancouver, Richmond and the lower mainland.

Dogs playing in Off Leash Park

We know that your dog can’t spend every day playing and relaxing at Jet Pet Resort and we know that you understand daily walks should be part of a routine for a healthy and happy dog. That’s why we put together the following reference list to give you an opportunity to bring some variety to your dog outings. Off leash excursions are a must for; maintaining and improving fitness, exploring and discovering new sights and smells, experiencing the great outdoors and perhaps most importantly, giving your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs.


Did you know: There are over 40 off leash dog parks and dog areas in Vancouver and Richmond alone! And with dozens more in the surrounding communities, there are plenty of places to play, swim, socialize, explore and hike.


Jet Pet Resort has put together the following quick reference list for dog owners that highlight each lower mainland community, its dog parks and its by-laws.

So the next time you are looking for a new off leash spot to try out with your dog, visit this list and remember to bookmark it for future reference.


golden retriever playing catch in Off Leash Park


Simply click the name of the community you wish to explore. A new window will pop up taking you to the community page where all off leash parks, areas and bi-law information can be found.

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