23 Dog-friendly Activities To Do With Your Dog In Vancouver, BC

23 Dog-friendly Activities To Do With Your Dog In Vancouver, BC

This blog post is aimed at providing a list of activities for you and your pup that can be done without needing any special equipment or having to go too far from home. It includes both indoor and outdoor activities so there’s something for everyone! All you need are some treats, water, and an eager pup by your side! Happy exploring!

Fun Ideas To Try With Your Dog in Vancouver

  • Walk to the park and play fetch.

Fetch is great for both indoor or outdoor walks, you can go as long or short of a walk as you want! It also gets your pup some much needed exercise so they don’t turn in to an obese canine when indoors all day with you at work/school! As well it helps them get out any excess energy from being cooped up inside on their own during the day. This activity is especially good after lunch time if your dog has been begging for food shortly after eating – but try not to give into their pleads because going outside will burn off whatever extra calories they may have consumed 🙂

  • Play with interactive dog toys.

Interactive and durable dog toys are great for playtime! If your pup enjoys the company of another furry friend during the day, they probably get a good amount of exercise from playing so keep them stimulated by getting some new toys to try out together! Be sure to always supervise any interaction between dogs because sometimes it can go bad real quick (and you don’t want either one getting hurt).

  • Spend time in the park just hanging out.

This is great if your pup loves spending time outside or would enjoy being able to explore on their own without having to be tethered next to you at all times while walking around town/in public places. Spending a few hours letting your pooch roam around an open field will give them a chance to sniff and explore which is what dogs naturally do when they are in the wild.

  • Go for an evening hike after dinner time.

If you’re looking for some fresh air outside of your typical walk with your pup, this one here might be right up your alley! If it isn’t already dark out by the time you get home from work/school or if there still light enough to see where you are going on your walk then try bringing along some treats/a ball (for fetch) and enjoying nature together at night! This can also provide some canine entertainment while indoors since most daycares don’t allow pups inside until nighttime comes 🙂

  • Visit your local dog park.

We know it sounds like an obvious one, but we can’t stress enough how important it is that your pup gets out and about with all their dog friends. If you need some help finding the perfect spot then check online for reviews or ask around for recommendations from other local dogs owners in your area! Your little buddy will learn so much by watching how other pups interact together too… plus they get lots of exercise while doing so which always makes everyone happier when heading home afterwards (just make sure yours knows to come back when called). So there you have it – plenty of ideas on what kinds of adventures are possible for you right here in our beautiful city today! We hope these suggestions will inspire you and your pup to get out there, explore together and make some great memories.

Local dog parks are a great place to let your pup run around and socialize with other dogs! If you don’t have access to one in walking distance, try planning an afternoon play date at the closest doggy daycare so they can get their energy out while supervised by professionals. Just be sure not to leave them there for too long because overstimulation is never good (it leads to behavior problems that might cause trouble when trying to transition back into taking care of themselves all on their own again while you’re gone).

  • Get some new toys/gear/accessories for yourself and your pup.

This suggestion requires no prior preparation or plan ahead time but it does require having some extra money to spend. If you are looking for a way to make your pup feel happier when they are home with no one else around, try getting them some new things that they will be excited about! You can even get yourself something too because it is always nice to have matching outfits!

  • Teach your pooch how to do tricks/use their brain.

If the only time you ever see your pup is when they are begging at your feet or sleeping all day long then this idea might just help give them more of an interesting life while indoors alone during the day. There are many different ways and tools available online that can teach your pup how to use their brain and even some fun tricks while they are at it! Just be sure not to let them get bored because that leads to behavior problems – so pack in the mental stimulation with some physical exercise too for a well-rounded day.

  • Go on more walks or runs together.

This one here is always great for keeping up your daily routine of getting out there whether you have just started exercising again after winter hibernation, are trying to lose weight/stay fit before summer hits, or if you’re looking for new ways to explore around town during lunch breaks from work (if you can find somewhere safe and away from traffic). Try going back into the woods where you will feel like you escaped civilization for a few hours or just exploring some new parts of town. Keep in mind that if your dog is super energetic then they might need more than one walk per day to keep them happy!

  • Take an agility class together.

If you’re looking for something fun and different, why not try taking your pup to an obedience/agility course with their trainer? This type of activity requires lots of mental stimulation (especially when starting out) but it can be great bonding time between the two of you too while learning how to communicate effectively with each other under pressure (which will make both parties feel better about themselves).

Find someone who has trained dogs before and ask them where the best place would be for you to take your pooch if you want to try out lessons like these. You can also check online for some great courses and events that might be coming up in your area!

  • Go on a day trip together.

Heading south of the Fraser River? Do you find yourself missing all the amazing dog parks around Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, or Surrey (or even West Vancouver)? Worry not because there are plenty of places just outside Metro Vancouver where dogs will welcome you with open paws when they see how excited you are to get out there and enjoy their company.

  • Visit a dog cafĂ©/restaurant together.

If dogs aren’t really your thing but you do love coffee then why not head on down to one of Vancouver’s many fancy little cafes that allow dogs inside? This way, you can keep each other entertained while enjoying some delicious treats too! And if you’re looking for something more family-friendly with kids around the same age as yours, check out these awesome places which have been keeping pups happy while parents eat some good food in peace or relax over a drink at the bar.

  • Take them to watch a dog show.

Do you love watching dogs do cool tricks and wondering what it would be like if your pup was as good at doing those things? Why not take your pooch down to an agility or obedience trial where they will get lots of exercise while having fun with other pups their size too! Plus, most trials have vendors set up outside with all sorts of awesome games and treats that the two of you can enjoy together (so bring some cash along for this idea).

Where: Check online with different trainers in your area – there are so many amazing events happening year round here but we recommend getting out there ASAP before summer hits because then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon…

When: Anytime – if you’re looking for agility and obedience trials though, we recommend planning ahead because there are usually many events to choose from always happening.

Bonus: If your dog is really good at doing tricks then why not take them on down to one of Vancouver’s annual pet expos? This way the two of you can practice in front of a big audience too! Check online with some local trainers who may be able to hook you up with some special lessons before the show starts so that both parties will feel more comfortable while performing together under pressure. Just make sure they don’t get distracted by all those other dogs around…

  • Get out onto the water together.

If exploring along our beautiful coastline isn’t enough fun for your pup then why not bring them out onto the water with you on a stand-up paddleboard, kayak or even just an inflatable donut? If your dog loves swimming alongside their human friends while being in control of their own speed/direction (just like they love doing at the beach) then this is definitely something that both parties will enjoy together.

  • Introduce them to new people and let them have some fun socializing too!

Does your pup get anxious when they are around unfamiliar dogs or people? Maybe it makes sense for one person to stay close by so that the other can explore – but either way, if you want to give your pooch more spots where they can meet new potential best pals then check online for some of Vancouver’s many dog-friendly patios or coffee shops!

  • Make a scavenger hunt for them.

You can make a scavenger hunt for your dog using their strong sense of smell. You could hide scented bags around the house, and when they find them they get a prize. You could also hide their favourite toy in the yard and have them search for it. You can make this even more exciting by hiding it under something, so they have to dig through dirt or leaves before getting it.

  • Bring out some doggy Halloween costumes together!

Why not dress up your dog in a cute costume that makes both of you smile? Dogs are natural performers after all – just remember that if your pup doesn’t enjoy being dressed up then maybe opt for a fake moustache instead. This way everyone will be satisfied and you’ll have some cute pictures to share! Check out our Halloween safety tips.

  • Check out a dog bakery/treat store!

If your pup loves to eat (just like most dogs we know) then why not check out one of Vancouver’s many amazing bakeries or treat shops? There are always new recipes coming through, so this is definitely something that will keep both parties happy and satisfied while snacking together – plus it provides another opportunity for some fun socialization too since you’re bound to run into other pups there who might want in on those tasty treats as well.

  • Let them relax in a wonderful dog hotel.

If you are planning on doing something fun but don’t want your pup to get tired, then why not try bringing them along with you by booking some quality time at one of Vancouver’s many reputable pet hotels? This way they can have their own space where they can rest up for the next adventure while still being right there beside you if needed – plus many offer extra services like grooming or special training classes which is also another great opportunity for socialization too!

  • Go on a hot air balloon ride with them.

It might sound like something that’s meant for the movies only – but it’s definitely possible to have your dog come along too if you book ahead of time… so why not? Plus this is another situation where they are right beside you while learning together at the same time which makes it an extra special moment as well. Just remember some pups can get very nervous without proper acclimatization beforehand (just like people) so set everything up slowly over days or weeks leading up to this big trip instead. This will ensure everyone has fun together while keeping safety first given how high off the ground these kinds of balloons travel.

  • Go on a picnic with them!

Some dogs love to be outside so why not take advantage of this by packing up some food and heading out for an adventure? You can choose your own route or just follow their lead, plus there are plenty of lovely parks in the area that you could stop at along the way for rest breaks too (just try not to forget any water). This is also another great opportunity for socialization since they will likely see other pups as well – which should make everyone happy while getting some exercise first thing in the morning too!

  • Have them play with other dogs at a doggy daycare.

While you are busy working away, why not let your pup get some socialization time in by dropping him or her off for the day? This way they can all run around together while still being supervised right next door – plus this is another opportunity to bring out toys and treats too since it’s unlikely that everyone will want to share their own on the same day!

  • Go camping with them!

Not only does sleeping under the stars sound romantic, but there’s no better place than nature itself where both pups and humans alike feel more comfortable… which means fun times ahead definitely without distractions from everyday life. Just make sure to pack along plenty of food and water, plus bring along some extra toys for all the fun activities you’ll be having together once night falls. This is also another great opportunity for socialization since you’ll definitely see other pups in the area – which should make everyone happy while getting some exercise first thing in the morning too!

  • Have them meet new humans at a dog training class.

If your pup needs help with learning how to behave better, then why not take advantage of this by signing up together for an extra special class? These events are held all around Vancouver and provide opportunities to work on important skills like leash walking or recall (just remember that any dogs who attend these classes must be properly vaccinated before attending) so it’s easy to get started right away without worrying about anything else… plus there’s plenty of fun rewards involved along the way as well! This is another great way to provide socialization for pups since they’ll be surrounded by new humans and other dogs as well – which should make everyone happy while getting some exercise first thing in the morning too!


Have Some Fun!

It has never been easier to find dog-friendly activities in Vancouver. Whether you want to go on a hot air balloon ride, picnic with your pup, or even camping – there are plenty of fun things that you can do together while still making sure they get some socialization time too! If none of these sound interesting and it feels like the creativity is running dry – just let us know. We have an entire team who loves doing this kind of thing so we would be happy to help come up with new ideas for you! It’s not only easy but also tons of fun when you’re out exploring with your pup by your side.

Which activity idea are you excited to try? Have any awesome ideas to share? Let everyone know below in the comments section!