Top 5 Dog-Breeds for Children & Kids

Dog sleeping next to child

Top 5 Dog-Breeds for Children & Kids

A puppy can be doubtlessly the best gift to make your child’s day! Children and puppies almost complement each other and make the best of friendship to last a lifetime. Moreover, the bond of love, affection, trust and loyalty built-in that tender age proves to be a bliss for both the child and the puppy as they simultaneously grow up together. However, certain breeds of dogs are preferred more over the others, when it comes to accompanying a child. The following are the top 5 breeds of dogs which are best suited for a child:



#1 Labrador Retriever

This good-natured, patient, affectionate and loyal breed is highly affectionate, calm and is easy to train. Labradors love the company of children and are protective of them. They are favoured for their cool temperament and laid back attitude and are the most popular amongst children.



border collie

#2 Collie

Collies are cute and cuddly to have around and are a favourite with children for their mild-mannered, loyal and affectionate nature. They are compassionate and patient towards children and are very instinctive about picking negative vibes from strangers. They are protective of children.



#3 Pug

This cute and funny-looking little dog is known for its happy-go-lucky nature and for its adorable gestures. They are adaptable and affectionate towards other pack-members and make wonderful playmates for children. They are considered to be devoted to their owners and are tolerant of children.



#4 Bernese Mountain Dog

These may appear to be big for children but they are known for their gentle, cheerful and enduring disposition towards children and often take more time to mature. They might appear to be over-friendly to even strangers and are considered to be very intelligent and easily trainable.



#5 Beagles

This long-eared sweet breed is popular amongst children for their patient, gentle and compassionate nature towards children. They can be great towards other smaller pets like cats and birds if they are well-socialized. They are protective and patient towards children.



Different dog breeds possess different temperaments and attitudes and hence, it is important to analyze and understand which dog-breed would suit the best with your children and their attitude. Factors like nature, behaviour, size, general characteristics and instincts matter while choosing a dog for your child.