Where can I keep My Dog or Cat While on Christmas Vacation or Spring Break?


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Figuring out where you are going to keep your pet during winter travel, especially at Christmas or Spring Break, can mean the difference between a fun and relaxing vacation or holidays and one spent worrying and wondering the whole time.

By thoroughly researching the safety and reliability of available boarding options (Dog Hotels, Catteries, Dog Resorts, Pet Spas, Kennels) in Vancouver, Richmond or anywhere in the lower mainland, you will be able to make sure that your cat or dog will be happy and well looked after during your next trip and/or vacation over the holidays. It just takes a little research and some planning to make sure you are really able to enjoy your fun in the sun this year!

Top Christmas dog boarding tips

5 easy tips to help you plan your dog or cat boarding before you leave on winter vacation or holidays this year.


Begin your pet boarding search early.

– All pet care facilities will fill up quickly just before the holidays. Best selection (or even availability) will be had by owners who have already short-listed where they want to keep their pets during the holidays. Do not wait until the last minute. You may be shockingly surprised how hard it is to find a place the day before your trip!

Drop by and visit the facility before you book your pets stay

– Any boarding facility should welcome you with open arms if you drop by during regular business hours for a casual look around. The facility should always be clean and staff should be eagerly willing to give you a tour. All boarding facilities should be transparent and have nothing to hide – or only limited days or times to view their facility. Here’s an article on how to choose a boarding facility.

Pro Tips:

  • Look for plenty of fresh, clean water and warm dry areas for your pet.
  • See how the current guests are acting.
  • Are they having fun?
  • Would your pet fit right in?

Make sure that your dog or cat is up to date with vaccinations well before its boarding.

When was the last time your pet had their shots? Any pet boarding facility worth considering has a shortlist of mandatory vaccinations required for boarding. Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Distemper Parvo are regarded as the big 3 for dogs and Rabies and FVRCP are the big 2 for cats. If re-vaccinating, shots should be done 2-4 weeks in advance of any boarding. Talk with a boarding facility, kennel, or cattery about this as it can vary animal to animal and vaccination to vaccination and obviously boarding facility to boarding facility.


Confirm your travel and book your pets boarding early.

Just like you make reservations for your flight, your car, or your hotel room, you need to reserve your cat or dog’s space. If you already know when your vacation starts, that means you know when your pets vacation starts as well. Don’t delay making a reservation as all facilities will book full during holidays, long weekends, and all special occasions. Often, the earlier you book you may be able to get preferred pricing. Ask about it!


Confirm everything a week or so before your pets stay

– About a week or so before you actually drop off your pet, call or visit the boarding facility and make sure that everything is as you have discussed. Use this time to confirm feeding requirements, update your emergency contact information, discuss any medicines that your pet might be taking, and anything else you want to highlight for your boarding provider that may have changed since your initial reservation.

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For first-time pet parents or people who have recently moved into the area, finding a boarding solution is always a bit of a challenge. The fact that you will be separating from your beloved pet for an extended period of time is always difficult. Putting your trust into the hands of others to provide the same care and attention that you shower your pet with is a huge leap of faith.

At Jet Pet Resort, we understand this. We understand how important your pet is to you, and we treat all of the dogs and cats that stay at Jet Pet Resort as if they were our very own. Jet Pet Resort is actively taking reservations for dogs and cats for the winter holidays and we always book full fast. Don’t wait too long to make your call! Act early and avoid disappointment. There is no worse feeling than to have to ‘settle’ for a second choice and your pet deserves better! You will spend your vacation wondering the whole time. Trust us. We know. Deciding how to care for your dog or cat in your absence is a big decision. Research and adequate planning will ensure that both you and your dog and/or cat have a happy vacation this winter!

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