Running Around This Holiday Season? Doggie Daycare at Jet Pet Resort is the Answer!

Holiday season with your dog

With Thanksgiving and Halloween well behind us, the next major holiday is Christmas. And as the holiday season begins, so does the inevitable running around as we all prepare for the festive season. Whether heading to the shopping mall, the market, or even running across the border for an afternoon of shopping – not all of your destinations are going to be dog friendly.

dog wearing scarf in cold weather

Where to bring your dog while on holidays – dog boarding, daycare, resort

With the weather as cold as it has been and no warm relief on the horizon, leaving your dog unattended in a cold car is simply not an option for the responsible dog owner.  If you don’t have a reliable neighbour or friend to leave your dog with, what is a dog owner to do?

Inddor space at Jet Pet Resort

Why bring them to the luxurious Jet Pet Resort and let them play with their doggie friends in what is easily the finest and most convenient doggie daycare in all of Vancouver and the lower mainland. Available an incredible 7 days a week and starting at just $20, you can bring your dog to a fun-filled facility designed to have them interacting, socializing and playing with other guests until their heart’s content! Pet specialists fill every moment of their time here with activities and interaction to ensure that your dog gets plenty of activity and stimulation. With both indoor and outdoor play areas, a special doggie lounge (with a large plasma TV and movies playing), tons of toys and lots of playful friends – this is the easy solution you’ve been looking for! Drop off times start as early as 7 am and the last pick-ups are at 9:30 pm. Talk about convenience!

A dog with a staff member at Jet Pet Resort

What makes doggie daycare an even more attractive option is the flexibility of the daycare options. There are numerous affordable packages to choose from including ½ day doggie daycare (4 hours), full-day doggie daycare (8.5 hours) and extended day doggie daycare (12 hours). If you are looking for a longer daycare solution, Jet Pet Resort also offers packages of 10 stays which are offered at a discounted rate, and package holders never need to make a reservation and never face daycare blackout periods.

Dogs socializing at Jet Pet Resort

Never second guess another trip out on account of your dog. Instead, look at it as another way to help your dog become a more socialized dog while having some fun at a luxury daycare.  Remember, at Jet Pet Resort we strive to create fun, memorable experiences for pets through loving, professional care. Our daycare programs are just an extension of that promise. Conveniently located just across the bridge in Richmond, just minutes from the Vancouver International airport, here, with easy access from anywhere in the British Columbia lower mainland.


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