What To Know About Dog Hotels, Kennels, Boarding, and Sitters in Vancouver

What To Know About Dog Hotels, Kennels, Boarding, and Sitters in Vancouver

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Pet owners in Vancouver are truly lucky when it comes to boarding options for their dogs in the greater Vancouver area. There are basically three main options – the dog hotel/resort, the dog kennel and the dog sitter. This blog post will look at all three, and then introduce you to the Jet Pet Resort difference.

Dog boarding Options

What is a Dog Kennel Service?

– A dog kennel is a type of dog boarding service where dogs are housed temporarily in closer confines.  As one of the main dog care options, a dog kennel can be a huge operation with multiple dog runs, grooming rooms and training hall or it can be at an individual’s house in a spare bedroom. Many dog kennels offer one-on-one playtimes in order to get the dog out of the kennel environment. Familiar objects, such as blankets and toys from home, are also permitted at many dog kennels. Similarly, many dog kennels in Vancouver nowadays also offer grooming and training services in addition to boarding, with the idea being that the dog kennel can be the owner’s one-stop-shop for all three services.


What is a Dog Hotel?

– A dog hotel or resort is a type of pet boarding service that provides care for dogs while the animal’s owners are either out of town or need temporary care. The services and accommodations available at dog hotels in and around Vancouver can vary considerably by dog hotels, though basic care such as feeding and regular exercise is included. In many cases, dog owners have the option of choosing from a menu of services that may include additional playtime with a dog hotel staff member, dog walking and grooming services.


What are home-from-home Dog Sitters?

– A dog sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a dog or other pet at its own home. Some people would rather have their dog cared for in their own homes so the animal stays on their regular routines and so that the dog need not adapt to a new environment. In Vancouver, this is an alternative for dogs that are not well socialized or vaccinated.

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What is Dog Boarding?

When looking for a dog boarding facility, Jet Pet Resort towers above the other dog boarding options in Vancouver and the greater Vancouver area while keeping well below their costs. Jet Pet Resort offers all of the amenities of a dog hotel and a kennel while bringing the intimacy of a pet sitter with personalized one-to-one stress-free care and attention to routine to any guest.

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With 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor boarding, resort and spa amenities even the most finicky of dogs will find something to gravitate towards at Jet Pet Resort. There are relaxing day lounges with plasma TVs and webcams that enable you to connect with your pet while you’re away. Outdoors there are doggie platforms, lookouts, two pools and enough room to run, jump and play until their doggie heart’s content. Inside there is a large urban park space with trees, benches and fire hydrants in a temperature-controlled environment. Upstairs there the doggie spa offering full grooming services including baths, bath and tidy services, nails, massages, and so much more. At any given moment there are loads of toys of all shapes and sizes to play with anywhere in the facility.

Indoor Courtyard at Jet Pet Resort

There are a variety of room types from the very basic classic suite to the truly luxurious Diva Penthouse available to guests of Jet Pet Resort. Suites are offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate virtually any size of dog and all of their personal doggie toys, blankets and home comforts are kept away from the other guests. Jet Pet Resort will keep your dog on their regular feeding routine to minimize any disruption to your pet’s diet. Your dog will have plenty of playtime with other well behaved dogs. All of the guests at Jet Pet Resort must have up to date vaccinations and all must be socialized.

Suites for dogs at Jet Pet Resort

When it comes to finding a boarding or daycare solution for your pet, Jet Pet Resort will go the extra mile for you. Give us a call at 604-238-PETS (7387) and let us answer any questions that you have. When you call, why not book a tour of the facility and even bring your pup in for a free one-hour assessment to see how much your pup likes the Jet Pet environment. We know that you’ll appreciate all of the differences between Jet Pet Resort and the other boarding options that you have explored.