Jet Pet Resort Presents 5 Tips to Manage a Shedding Dog

Jet Pet Resort Presents 5 Tips to Manage a Shedding Dog


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5 Tips to Help You Manage a Shedding Dog

As a responsible dog owner, you strive to have a healthy, shiny and clean coat for your dog. Not only is it better for the dog, but it also lessens the amount of housekeeping required because of shedding – which is a good thing for everyone. Jet Pet Resort sees thousands of dogs each year, we have seen every type of coat and we have cleaned up after many a shedder! With our experience, here are 5 quick tips to help with your shedding pup!


dog brush



The amount of loose hair that you will comb-out and the massage of the brush really helps the coat and fur to stay healthy. This should be a very regular occurrence between you and your dog. The earlier you start, the more likely your dog will get used to being brushed and accept it as normal – if not look forward to it as it is a special bonding time between owner and pet. Make a special time for it and it can be a therapeutic time for both of you!

The result is less time at the groomer and the vet. The frequency is dependent on what type of dog you have and how much hair your dog actually has. Remember, dog grooming is also a bonding experience with your dog.


Dog groom vacuum



No matter what you do your dog is going to shed. With that in mind, invest in a good vacuum. Only after replacing their vacuums several times, many pet owners discover that it would have been cheaper to get a better vacuum right from the beginning.

Make sure that the vacuum you choose will stand-up for heavy dog hair pickup, will make the process easy, and it won’t be more work than it need be.

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dog wash




If your dog is eating a food with corn, wheat, soy or by-products, it’s very likely that some of the excess fur on your dog are due to diet. Consider changing the diet to a protein-rich diet (protein is the first ingredient) vs. a grain diet. With this premium food diet, you should see an improvement in the coat and you will actually feed less too! So the cost is offset. You may also want to look into a raw food diet, but before you decide to drastically change your dog’s diet, please consult your vet. Read our list of top 8 toxic foods your pet shouldn’t eat.




Allergies with your dog can display themselves in a number of ways and often as skin irritations. Keep up with regular vet checkups to help keep you aware of any underlying issues your pet may be experiencing that could contribute to any shedding issues.



omega 3 intake



Omega-3 and Omega-6 can really improve your dog’s skin and coat. Many dog foods claim to supplement their formulas with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, but the amount is usually not enough to do any good.

High-quality fish oils and premium canine skin supplements should contain a combination of both Omega-3’s and 6’s. Most dogs find these very tasteful and you should start to see a difference in as little as a month.



dog groom




So there you have it. Five relatively simple ideas to help you manage your dogs shedding coat during the spring from the folks who have seen it all. Remember, no matter how your dog is looking today, we can always make him or her look like a million bucks after a trip to our spa for some grooming. Whether you want to treat your dog to a bath, a massage, or even the works with a full groom, we can handle it! It’s the perfect way to pick your dog up after their stay with us. Schedule a dog grooming today!

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