Doggie Daycare – The Simple Solution to Taking That Day Trip

Doggie Daycare – The Simple Solution to Taking That Day Trip


Day trip without dog

Summer is in full swing, and that means getting out of the house and taking day trips! But your dog can’t always accompany you on your day treks. From exploring all British Columbia has to offer like white water rafting to heading to the States for some shopping – not all of your destinations are going to be dog friendly. Imagine that?

White water rafting in BC

How to make sure your dog is okay at home while on a day trip

Well, as a responsible dog owner you know that keeping your k-9 companion in a sweltering car is not even an option when you head out. And leaving them at home seems cruel, especially when you are taking off for some shopping or some fun in the sun. If you don’t have a reliable neighbour or friend to leave your dog with, what is a fun-loving owner to do?

Doggy Daycare indoor courtyard

Simple solutions to taking a day trip

Bring them to luxury doggie daycare of course! Jet Pet Resort offers what is arguably the finest daycare in the lower mainland. Starting at just $20, you can bring your dog to a fun-filled facility designed to have them interacting, socializing and playing with other guests until their heart’s content! With both indoor and outdoor play areas, two swimming pools, an air-conditioned doggie lounge (with a large plasma TV and movies playing), tons of toys and lots of attention from Pet Care Specialists – this is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Swimming pool at Jet Pet Resort

Doggy day care solution

There are numerous affordable packages to choose from including ½ day doggie daycare (4 hours), full-day doggie daycare (8.5 hours) and extended day doggie daycare (12 hours). Additionally, there are discounted doggie daycare packages available in bundles of 10.

So the next time you second guess taking that quick day trip because you are not sure what to do with Fido, remember that your simple solution is Jet Pet Resort. Conveniently located in Richmond just minutes from the Vancouver International airport with easy access from anywhere in the British Columbia lower mainland.


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