What You Didn’t Know About Flying With Your Dog.

What You Didn’t Know About Flying With Your Dog.

flying with a dog

In today’s modern world, pet owners are increasingly integrating the activities of the family dog into more areas of their life. Often, this involves travel. However, when flying is the mode of choice, it is only after the fact that owners describe what a real worry and overall hassle it can be. Sure, airlines will tell you that your dog can travel with them, but the experience may not be as pleasurable for you or your pup as you would hope.

Jet Pet Resort has put together some key points and information to consider before taking your pet on any flight. This is a general list and does not speak to every airline but the views are valid. Before you decide that your pet ‘simply must’ fly with you, have a look at the following information and remember, Jet Pet Resort is located just minutes from the terminal and is a fantastic alternative to compromising the safety and well-being of your dog.

Size of Dog and the Options

On commercial airliners, there are only two options for your dog to fly with you – cabin or cargo. Only very small dogs are allowed in the cabin with their owner. And that is even if the airline will transport your dog. Not all will.

Flying with Small Dogs — Cabin or Cargo

If you own a small dog you have two options – Cabin or Cargo. If your dog will fit into an accepted on-board carrier, then the cabin is a better option.

  • Not all airlines offer a cabin as an option for transporting even a small dog.
  • Carrier measurements vary by airline.
  • Most airlines require that your dog is at least 8 weeks of age.
  • Small dogs need to comfortably fit in a carrier that is approximately 20 centimetres high, 30 centimetres wide and 40-60 centimetres long – this varies by airline.
  • Dogs must be able to stand and easily turn around in the carrier.
  • Most airlines restrict the number of dogs in the cabin from one to seven per flight and this number can vary based on the weight of the dog, size of the carrier, crew preferences, duration of the flight, etc.
  • Pets are also not allowed outside of their carrier during the flight.
  • Airlines charge between $75 and $150 each way for your dog.
  • Some airlines consider your carrier your piece of carry-on luggage.
  • Consider the duration of your flight and the frequency that your dog needs to stretch, run, relieve itself, eat, etc. Not only will it be limited during the flight, but airport facilities vary widely in accommodating dogs in transit.

Plane flying overhead

Flying with Medium to Large Dogs — Cargo

If you have a medium to large size dog or even a small dog that will not fit in the required carrier, cargo is the only option on a commercial flight.

  • Cargo is a section of the plane located below the cabin and is not accessible by people during the airline flight.
  • The cargo hold is dark and pets are transported in the same cargo hold as baggage.
  • While the cargo area normally has the proper ventilation, air pressure, and heating or cooling that is required for safe animal transport, sometimes things can go wrong.
  • There are big temperature differences between ground level and 20,000+ feet off the ground.
  • Most airline companies will not let pets fly in cargo during extreme hot or cold weather or during particular seasons.
  • Even if the temperatures are okay, a flight can be delayed. While the plane is waiting on the ground, it might become extremely hot in the cargo hold.
  • Airline companies openly state that it can be very stressful for pets to ride in cargo and some even require a health certificate issued from a veterinarian before a dog can fly.

Additionally, depending on where you are flying to, there may be inspections, quarantines and requisite vaccinations. There are countless horror stories surrounding dogs that die in transit, stolen dogs, escaped dogs, and dogs that are sent to the wrong destination. Depending on how critical it is that your pet join you on your trip, it is strongly suggested that you weigh all of the options fairly before packing a bag for fido.


Jet Pet Resort – A Realistic and Affordable Option!

Jet Pet Resort deals with thousands of travellers each year and we have heard the horror stories, headaches and nightmares of air travel firsthand. There is a reason that so many travelling dog owners continue to return to us time after time. Trust.

At Jet Pet Resort we understand that owners are very concerned about the welfare and care of their beloved pet during their time away. We work tirelessly to eliminate any worry an owner could face and we make sure that each guest that stays with us enjoys, relaxes and plays to the fullest. Our staff are all pet owners, animal lovers and are each pet safety certified. We have created a luxury facility dedicated to your pet’s comfort and well-being  We treat your dog with the same care, love and respect that we treat our own.

We understand your travel schedule, and we work around it. We want your dogs to stay during your trip to be one of the highlights of your trip, not a nagging worry. We believe that your pet deserves a vacation too, and we make every day a special day for our guests at Jet Pet Resort. At the end of your trip, we want you to enjoy being reunited with your dog – it’s one of the joys of returning home.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, for more information or to book a tour of the facility. We can be reached at 604-238-7387 or via email at info@jetpetresort.com.


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