Dog Depression Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dog Depression Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dog Depression

Dog depression symptoms

Doggie Depression Signs And Symptoms

It is a fact that dogs display and share a wide variety of emotions. But did you know that your dog can actually become depressed? It’s true! A sharp decline in a dog’s energy is one sign of depression in a dog. Other signs of dog depression include a noticeable decline in appetite and increasing lethargy or abnormal laziness. Keep reading to learn more about doggie depression symptoms and what you can do to help your dog bounce back from doggie depression, and keep your dog happy.

Bring Your Pup To The Vet

If your dog shows the above signs of depression, you should take them for a visit to your vet. A dog displaying the symptoms of depression may not actually be depressed. A vet can help identify if there is another medical problem, such as dog heatstroke, through a series of blood tests to see if your dog’s lethargy, drop in appetite, and decrease in playful activities are due to mental or physical distress.

Dog Depression Causes

Dogs often respond to the emotions of those around them, so feelings of grief around your dog may trigger depression. The most common causes of depression in dogs are the loss of their owner or the loss of a doggie playmate. A dog that has just lost their owner is also likely to get depressed due to stress caused by losing their favourite playmate as well. Additionally, a move or a significant change in the home may also cause depression in dogs.

Dog DepressionTreatment

If your dog has been diagnosed with depression, treatment for their illness is similar to treatment for depression in humans. Stressful environments can be improved through the use of dog appeasing pheromones or the creation of a relaxing, safe place just for your dog. Increased exercise or more mentally pleasing exercise and social interaction have also shown to treat depression in dogs.

Next Steps

Social interaction and maintaining a good dog exercise routine are important. Getting your dog to socialize with other dogs, and experience new things will help get their mind and heart going. At Jet Pet Resort we offer dogs that have been depressed a fun, social experience that helps them to integrate with new playmates at a pace that is monitored on a dog by dog basis. Our Pet Specialists spend quality one on one time with disheartened dogs helping them become more open to safe playtime, innocent social interaction and offer them plenty of extra one-on-one special attention and love. Additionally, our group walks provide a social involvement that combines exercise in new environments with different stimuli which helps promote the senses and helps your dog enjoy new experiences.

If your dog has been depressed, a successful program of recovery includes all of the above steps in order to get your dog back to their old self. To learn more about your dog’s stay at Jet Pet Resort and how our social program can help, please feel free to call us anytime to discuss at 604-238-PETS (7387).