What is a Pet Care Specialist at Jet Pet Resort?

What is a Pet Care Specialist at Jet Pet Resort?

Jet Pet Specialists

The Pet Care Specialists at Jet Pet Resort are among the most passionate and caring group of animal lovers and pet care providers that you will find in Vancouver. The reason is simple; Jet Pet Resort only hires and retains those individuals with a true passion for animal care, animal well-being and animal welfare.


Genuine Animal Lovers

First and foremost to be a Pet Care Specialist at Jet Pet Resort you must be a genuine animal lover and must own a pet. In many cases Jet Pet employees own several. Pet Care Specialists understand what it is like to be in your shoes and appreciate how hard it is to leave your pet, in some cases for long duration.

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First Aid Certified

Secondly, all of the Pet Care Specialists must be pet first aid certified. Either previously having completed a recognized course or through taking it with our preferred partner Walks and Wags. From our front desk concierge to our on-call janitor ÔÇô any member of our team can help your pet in an emergency.

Experienced Team Of Animal Specialists

Having industry experience and working with best of class veterinarian offices, schools, and other boarding facilities jumps a future Pet Care Specialist to the top of the line at hiring time! Currently, on staff there are vet technicians, vet assistants, obedience trainers, groomers, breeders, rescuers, dog walkers and even a pet nutritionist! Taking care of cleaning, cleaning up after, feeding according to your requirements, grooming administering medication, and paying attention to their behaviour are all par for the course for this team.


Catering To Your Dog’s Needs

From the very first time your cat or dog comes to stay at Jet Pet Resort, they are made to feel at home. They will get a huge welcome, receive their name tag, and be escorted to their room set up the way you want it. The Pet Care Specialists will go over the instructions you have provided and go over a quick intake sheet to make sure there is absolutely no confusion surrounding the care of your petÔÇÖs needs.


Regular Play-Time And Walk-Time

While the staff do rotate hours and days during your cat or dogs stay, each member of the Jet Pet Resort team interacts with each pet daily. In fact, part of the role of a Pet Care Specialist is playtime and walk time. Additionally, many guests know exactly how to get a little extra attention! Pet Care Specialists will come to know your cat or dog by name and will give you a heads up on their exact character and behaviour when you pick them up.


Talk With Our Pet Care Specialists

So the next time you drop your Pet off at Jet Pet Resort, talk to the Pet Care Specialist. Find out about their background and see for yourself that they are among the best pet care providers in the Greater Vancouver Area for your dog or cat.