What It Takes to Specialize in Customer Service

What It Takes to Specialize in Customer Service

A pet boarding, pet daycare and pet spa that also specializes in customer service? Answer: Yes!

Based on their grins and kisses, we know what our furry clients think of us, obviously the best cuddlers and the farthest ball throwers around.  We were more curious about the opinions of our human clients and how they perceive our customer service skills.

Ximena, Julio’s mom, was more than happy to be a part of this blog and give us some feedback on our customer service approach and some ridiculously adorable stories about Julio!

Your first name: Ximena  Your dog’s name: Julio

dog boardingTell us about your dog! 

Julio is a pug Boston terrier cross (CUTE!) and is currently 1 year and 4 months old. He loves to run off-leash at Iona beach and play fetch with just about anything. He destroys any soft toys and chews through any hard ones! He loves sweet potato chews and uses his paws as if he were a cat.

What were you looking for in a doggy daycare/hotel?

I was looking for a doggy daycare that had really caring and attentive staff who were genuinely interested in Julio’s well being as much as I was. Julio has some fear-aggressive tendencies when he is overwhelmed and I didn’t want to exacerbate the problem.

What made you choose Jet Pet?

Jet Pet really kept an eye out for him and helped him adjust to being around other dogs. Julio always came home clean, fed, and tired!! He also looked forward to coming in and seeing the girls on a daily basis and he really trusts them too as he makes the rounds barking his head off when he arrives and when he leaves (to his disappointment). Jet pet has also taken the time to get to know me and who I am as Julio’s mom and as a person, which makes them stand out.

Our experience at Jet Pet Resort as been nothing short of amazing! Julio has been attending since he was 10 weeks!

What Jet Pet services have you used?

Daycare and overnight. I have also used nail trimming services and anal gland cleaning services! Thank you Fay for keeping him from butt surfing the carpets at home!

Would you recommend Jet Pet’s services to others?

Yes I would!

If Julio could talk, how do you think he’d describe a day at jet pet?

Julio always comes in announcing his arrival, barking at Fay, Leanne, or Alysha. He may or may not pee in the lobby from excitement. He runs into the play area and climbs on all the new ramps you guys just built, and play tug o war with Griffin and the rest of his buddies until I come to pick him up!

Thanks Ximena and Julio for taking the time and answering a few questions for us.  We are so happy that you love our dog boarding, dog daycare and amenities.  This insight really helped us build where needed and also keep what is not broken in our customer service approach.

As a team, we love making time for both our furry and human clients, both are equally important here at Jet Pet Resort.

Please contact us, we encourage any and all feedback!