Dog Boarding and Doggie Daycare at Reasonable Rates in Vancouver

Dog Boarding and Doggie Daycare at Reasonable Rates in Vancouver

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There are so many options open to dog and cat owners looking for a quality boarding solution at an affordable price in Vancouver, Richmond and the lower mainland. But only Jet Pet Resort is a luxury five-star boarding facility for your cat or dog and it is Canada’s only chemical-free kennel-like solution for day and overnight boarding. And with an introductory first stay price from just $27 a night, you certainly won’t break the bank trying Jet Pet Resort out for the first time!

Jet Pet Resort is a pet-centred resort, spa and daycare facility that is specially designed and built with your pet’s comfort, care and relaxation in mind. Few, if any other dog boarding facility’s put as much thought into a luxurious experience for your pet as did Jet Pet Resort.

gallery_04The dog and cat hotel is open 7 days a week, features 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor pet resort & spa amenities and is uniquely designed for pets and features individual dog & cat suites, lounges with plasma TVs & webcams, full-service kitchen, a state-of-the-art pet spa and indoor & outdoor lounge areas. Learn more in our FAQ.

A much-welcomed concept in alternative pet boarding and care located in Richmond, BC, Jet Pet Resort is conveniently located at the Vancouver International Airport with instant access from Vancouver and all surrounding areas.

Jet Pet Resort is also a socialized boarding facility meaning that all new pet guests should have prior experience with daycare, boarding, dog parks and be used to, and comfortable around other pets and caregivers. All guests must also be up to date with their vaccinations. And then from the moment of check in to the time to the time your pet departs, they will be scheduled into a series of playgroups, walking groups and interacting with a variety of pet specialists who are there to provide care, special attention and playtime.

With so much energy and design focused on your cat or dog, you can travel with real peace of mind knowing that not only is your pet in good hands, but they too are going to have a vacation filled with fun, games, special luxuries and attention. And with all the money you save having your pet stay at Jet Pet Resort, you’ll be able to add a special grooming to their stay so your cat or dog looks like a million dollars when you pick them up!

For more information or to make a reservation for your pet, contact us here.

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Commonly asked questions about dog boarding & doggie daycare:

Is doggie daycare bad for dogs?

As long as your dog buddies are comfortable and active in the house, daycare is a very good option for them. Some dogs don’t really like to socialize and they become uneasy in a daycare. However, some dogs enjoy being with their snuggle pals and daycares are little vacations for them. So make sure to learn your dog’s behaviour when he is in the daycare and decide accordingly.

How often should dogs go to daycare?

There is no perfect timetable to take your dog to a daycare, it really depends on your schedule and how comfortable your dog is staying at a facility. If your pooch is a very active and socializes well with other dogs, you can skip 2 to 3 days –or even 4 days– between your visits. Some dogs suffer from medical conditions and socializing disorders, in that case, the owners should take them to the daycare more often.

How many dogs can you have in doggie daycare?

The number of dogs in a daycare depends on the setting of the daycare, for example, size, area, staff and other facilities. There are different settings of a dog daycare like home-style, dog-park style, play-area style. The dog park setting usually has the largest area and can accommodate 30 to 40 dogs per group. Others have a smaller area and only 10 dogs per group can be added to these environments.

Do dogs really like daycare?

Dogs will love daycare so as long as they are relaxed and comfortable in the daycare’s environment. The staff should be welcoming, loving and caring and the dogs should be grouped with the same breed or age group so they get along well. Some dogs develop anxiety and aggression while being in the daycare, in that case, the owner should speak with the doggie daycare’s staff to formulate a solution.