Leaving Your Dog in a Parked Car Can be a Deadly Mistake

Leaving Your Dog in a Parked Car Can be a Deadly Mistake

dog in hot car

Most people have seen on the news or have heard the tireless warnings about dogs dying in hot cars, but still many dogs become distressed and even die during hot weather each year after an owner has been negligent. The weather is often unpredictable and summer temperatures are rising each year.

It takes only minutes for a pet left in a vehicle on a warm day to succumb to heatstroke and suffocation. Most people don’t realize how hot it can get in a parked car on a balmy day. However, on a 25 Celsius degrees day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 35 degrees, and hit a scorching 70 degrees if parked in the sun!

If you do have your dog or cat in a car with you on a hot day, follow these general summer care tips.

#1 Bring ample water and a water bowl.

#2 Never leave animals alone in cars during warm or hot weather.

On a comfortable day to you, the temperature inside a car can quickly reach a lethal 40 Celsius degrees. Even with the windows rolled down, the car will heat up, plus your pet could escape or a passerby could bother the animal.

#3 Take the leash off.

If you must leave the animal in the car for a short period, take the leash off the dog. The leash can get caught on objects such as the parking brake to the adjustment handles beneath the seats. If this happens, the dog can panic and injure himself. Be extremely careful not to let the dog escape out of the car when you open the door.

#4 Leave the car where you can see it

If you must leave your car for a couple of minutes, leave the car where you can see it and apply the emergency brake. By restraining the dog in a crate, behind a barrier or with a specially designed pet safety belt, he will not be able to reach the controls of your car. Have an extra key in your hand so you can lock the car.

#5 Keep the fan on.

Make sure to leave your car running with the fan on recycle/low.

#6 Park in the shade.

It should go without saying that you should try to park in the coolest place possible. Ideally, under the shade of a tree or building, and out of direct sunlight.

#7 See something, say something

If you see a pet trapped in a hot car, contact the store or mall manager to make an announcement (if it’s a retail area) and contact the nearest police or animal control department.


All dogs can suffer from heatstroke but the very young/old, long-haired and short-nosed varieties often suffer the most. Donā€™t leave a dog unattended in a car, not even for five minutes, which can be all it takes to put your dog in danger. Beat the heat with your dog, and keep your cat cool this summer!

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