Helping Your Pet Cope with Pain – Thermotex Therapeutic Pet Beds at Jet Pet Resort

Helping Your Pet Cope with Pain – Thermotex Therapeutic Pet Beds at Jet Pet Resort

Large dog bed with a dog

Jet Pet Resort is proud to offer a truly amazing product to pet owners in the greater Vancouver area who have a dog or a cat that is older, that may have just had surgery, has muscles or joints that are causing it pain, or are simply in need of constant warmth.

Thermotex Therapeutic Pet Bed

The Thermotex Therapeutic Pet Bed is an amazing product that simply works wonders for dogs and cats who require a little extra care. Pets who use these beds when they stay at Jet Pet Resort often become more active, energetic, nimble, and are easily more comfortable during rest.

How Does It Work?

Thermotex Therapy Systems deliver pain relief by increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow is accomplished by using infrared energy absorption. Infrared energy is absorbed by the body to a depth of 6 cm or 2.36 inches after just 20 minutes.

Infrared is a radiant energy source similar to the warmth felt by sunshine with no harmful rays. As the infrared energy is absorbed, the blood flow and oxygen levels increase in the treated area. This results in deep penetrating warmth. This deep penetrating warmth delivers pain relief and assists with the elimination of toxins. Infrared is so safe, it is used to warm newborn babies in hospitals.

Thermotex Pet Beds are ideal for:

  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Arthritis, bursitis, and strains
  • Muscles or joints that are causing pain
  • Animals who need extra warmth

Therapeutic Dog Beds @ Jet Pet Resort

Best of all Jet Pet Resort also sells the Thermotex Therapeutic Pet Bed. We have two sizes available for purchase (small & large) in the Pet Boutique. Come on in and ask for a demonstration. If your pet suffers from joint and muscle pain, discomfort, or is in need of additional warmth this may be the solution that you have been looking for. 

Thermotex Therapeutic pet bed