Does My Dog Need A Winter Sweater?

Does My Dog Need A Winter Sweater?

While many people believe that since a dog is an animal with its own external layering system, there is little reason to even consider such an idea. However, depending on the breed of your dog, the location in which you live, and how often your dog is exposed to the elements, there are several very good reasons to consider outfitting your dog with a sweater or some sort of cold/wet weather outfit. It’s important to plan ahead for the winter, to make sure your pup is dancing with joy instead of shivering their tails off.

Learn About Your Dog’s Coat Type

Some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others, and some K9’s are not well suited to the environments in which they are living. So your dog may in fact be extremely uncomfortable with the winter temperatures, so you can look into whether your dog’s breed is winter-friendly. Additionally, some dogs only go outside in the colder months for very short periods of time – long enough to do their business and then retreat back into the home. A light sweater will typically make any dog with a lighter coat type feel much more comfortable and stay outside a little longer to enjoy the fresh air.

How Long Are You Outside For?

Depending on how much time you are at home, you may be setting the thermostat lower during the day to keep heating costs down in the winter. While the sun may be out and shining, thin furred dogs will certainly feel it in their bones if they are on a cold floor in a cooled home. Depending on longer exposure, a mid-range sweater can act as not only a secondary insulator but give your dog added reason to curl up off the furniture. Also, consider grooming your dog for the winter.

Older Dogs Are More Susceptible To Cold

Finally, some older dogs and dogs that are ill may be much more susceptible to the cold and experience more discomfort than a younger and healthier dog of the same breed. There are a wide variety of sweaters that will promote additional warmth, a feeling of comfort and closeness, and give your dog an added feeling of security.

Think About Where You Live

Of course, there are also the elements themselves to consider. In Vancouver and the lower mainland, the average dog owner knows all too well what wet snow and rain mean to a walk and returning home. Some sort of rain gear or a sweater can not only keep your dog warm on a walk but extend the time that both you and your dog spend on a healthy walk and even reduce the cleanup time upon returning back home. Winter-proofing your dog is one of the best things you can do this holiday season for your little best friend.

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