Top 10 New Years Resolutions For Dog Owners

Top 10 New Years Resolutions For Dog Owners

This New Year, take a few moments to look at how you can make a few small changes around improving your dog’s health and happiness. Here are 10 easy New Year’s resolutions to help improve your dog’s health, happiness and the relationship you have with your dog in 2021!

New Year’s Resolutions For Dog Owners


#1 Update your dog ID info.

Over the course of a year, a lot can change — people move, get new phone numbers, and forget to update their pet’s tags. Sometimes tags wear out or become illegible. Often pet owners only remember once the pet is lost. If any of your contact information has changed in the last year, don’t wait — update your dog’s tags and microchip information today.


#2 Take your dog on regular walks.

Make a commitment to increase both the physical and mental health of your dog by going on regular daily walks. This will have the greatest positive effect on weight and also make for a calmer pup. A lot of mental stimulation occurs for a dog on their daily walk.


#3 Groom your pet every day.

Brushing your pet serves many purposes. It helps distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat shiny and healthy. It removes excess fur from the coat, reducing the amount you find on your clothes and furniture. And daily grooming is a bonding activity that demonstrates to your pet how much you love them by taking care of them in a very soothing manner.


#4 Stop feeding your dog table food.

Commercial dog food is formulated to give dogs all the nutrients they require. Table scraps, however, can cause serious health problems in your pet. A lot of health issues are associated with feeding table scraps – from diarrhea to pancreatitis.


#5 Teach an old dog a new trick.

Keeping your senior pet’s brain active can actually make it healthier. Teaching your pet new tricks and practicing those they already know is a great way to keep those neurons firing. Puzzle feeders, which force a pet to think through a task in order to be rewarded with a treat, are also an excellent way to keep a pet’s mind engaged.


#6 Brush your dog’s teeth.

Dental care is often the greatest health area overlooked by even the most caring of pet owners. Inflamed and receding gums can occur if teeth are not brushed, causing your pet pain and leading to very expensive medical procedures, so make sure you brush your dog’s teeth regularly.


#7 Play with your dog.

Make a resolution to play for even 5 or 10 minutes a day, every day – playing with a favourite toy, tossing the ball or tugging a rope. Your dog wants to feel loved, and you are never THAT busy to spend if only a few minutes giving your pup dedicated attention.


#8 Put an end to your dog’s behaviour problems.

Take a moment and write down any issues you might be having with your dog. From urinating in the house to begging for table food. Consult with a dog trainer or a training manual on how to eliminate the behaviour. A couple of weeks of dedicated re-training can make all of the difference in the world.


#9 Make a date to see your Vet.

Yearly examinations by the veterinarian are a key component of good preventive care, just make sure you choose the right veterinarian for you. Many medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or obesity are common in ageing pets and much easier to manage when detected in the early stages of the disease process. Veterinary visits are also the perfect time to ask for advice, update your pet’s food, or get an expert opinion on any behavioural issues that may be affecting your bonding with your pet.


#10 Treat your dog to a Spa Day

Owners often find time to take a time-out from life – whether a day at the spa or a vacation. We find that recharging our batteries does us well both mentally and physically. The same is true for your dog. The next time you book your own vacation or spa time – book your dog into Jet Pet Resort and give them some special pampering. The pet specialists at Jet Pet Resort will make certain that your pet leaves as relaxed as possible!

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