Top 5 Places To Bring Your Dog This Summer In Vancouver

Top 5 Places To Bring Your Dog This Summer In Vancouver

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The greater Vancouver area is a dog owner’s dream. With so many fantastic places to bring your dog this summer, there is no reason not to get your dog out of the house for some well-deserved and much-appreciated playtime.


Here is a quick list of the five best places to bring your canine companion this summer:

  1. Inter-River Park ‚Äď Located in North Vancouver, Inter-River is a favourite of North Shore dog owners. The off-leash dog trails in Vancouver will have you and your dog exploring for hours.

MAP IT: 900 St Denis Ave, North Vancouver, BC

  1. McDonald Beach ‚Äď Located in Richmond, this freshwater beach offers plenty of space to roam around and play on different terrains: a grassy area, a sandy beach area with water access, and a gravel path trail.

MAP IT: 3500 McDonald Rd Richmond, BC

  1. Charleson Park ‚Äď Located in False Creek, this is a city dogs oasis. Complete with a waterfall, grassy knolls and a spacious field, dogs and owners of all shapes and sizes gather here for fun times and socializing.

MAP IT: 999 Charleson Street Vancouver, BC (False Creek)

  1. Pacific Spirit Regional Park ‚Äď Located by UBC, this Park is a true wonder. It is surprisingly easy to immerse yourself in the wilderness right in Vancouver. You can go for a short walk or a full day excursion on the vast trail system. Dogs are allowed off-leash, and Spanish Banks Beach is a dog beach on the ocean like no other. Do yourself a favour and check this out!

MAP IT: Blanca St and 16th Ave UBC, Point Grey

  1. Jet Pet Resort ‚Äď While not every day can be spent out and about at the beach or Park, your dog will appreciate some social time away from home. Why not consider a day of daycare for your dog the next time you need to take that quick day trip?¬†


All daycare guests at Jet Pet Resort enjoy all of the resort’s amenities, including lounges, indoor and off leash outdoor play areas, swimming pools, toys, climbing platforms, fun staff, dog walks and of course, other doggie buddies to socialize with!

MAP IT: 5980 Miller Road, Richmond BC

From parks to beaches to daycare, there is so much to do, and this is only a top 5 list! So this summer, make a pledge to get your dog out more. They will be happier, healthier, and you will both benefit from the time away from home!

Water parks and dog swimming pools in Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver, you might be wondering what are the best water parks for dogs near me? Well, alongside the off-leash dog trails in Vancouver there’s some epic places for your dog to splash around in, which are:


Aqua Paws Canine Wellness Center 

Aqua Paws is located in Clark Drive Vancouver and is open 7 days a week. It is a swimming pool that offers private hydrotherapy and swimming lessons. They have a world class dog swimming facility and host sessions to help your dog’s emotional, social and physical wellbeing.


Fraser River Park

Frasier River Park is a perfect area to take your canine to in the summer; it’s peaceful, tranquil and full of scenery. It’s located at 8705 Angus Drive and is a great day out. The park itself has areas you can take your dog off the leash and also let it swim, supervised on the waterfront. But be cautious where you let your dog swim in Fraser River, as there are only certain areas that are permitted due to the wildlife management plan.


Dog Swim Vancouver 

Dog Swim Vancouver is slightly newer than other dog swimming pools. It’s situated at 2213 Granville Street and is available via an appointment basis. Their swimming pool is modern, clean, safe, and they offer a range of different rates. You can take your dog for recreational swims; this is where they swim in groups for up to 45 minutes at a time. In addition to this, they also offer 1 on 1 swimming lessons that help dogs.¬†


John Hendry Park 

John Hendry Park is a large 27-hectare park located right in the city. This Park is mainly operated by the Grandview Community Association and the Vancouver Park Board. You might also know this Park as Trout Lake. 


On the north side of the lake, there is a large dog off-leash area where you can let your canine run and swim in the water. There are also lots of additional amenities like pathways and benches. 


Sunset Beach Park

Sunset Beach Park is located on 1204 Beach Avenue and is in the West End of Vancouver. It’s near Burrard Street Bridge and Vancouver International Hostel.¬†


This Park is the perfect place to bring your dog in the summer, and you and your dog can even swim in the water. There’s an off-leash area where you can bring your dog between 6am-10pm, given that your dog is well behaved and you clean up after it.¬†


CRAB Park at Portside

CRAB park has a large grassy field that is full of outdoor sculptures and has spray areas. It’s located at 101 E Waterfront Road and is fantastic to visit in the summer. The Park itself has a dog off-leash area where you can take your dog supervised and let it swim in the water also, but it has to be in a designated off-leash beach area.


Ambleside Park

In West Vancouver, you can bring your canine to Ambleside Park. This Park is located at 1150 Marine Drive and has the perfect balance of greenery and sea. Do note that your dog is only allowed at the seawall of Ambleside. To get there, you have to walk your dog across the pond and golf course.



Vancouver is a fantastic place for dogs in the summer time. There’s an abundance of parks, rivers and swimming pools your dog can cool off in. Similarly, there a lot of places where you don’t have to feel restricted and leave your dog on their leash either. Have you been to any of these places before? Let us know which ones are your favourite.


People also ask

Is it safe for dogs to swim in pools?

Yes, it can be safe for your dog to swim in a pool. However, you must supervise your dog at all times and make sure there is the right balance of chlorine and saltwater. Make sure your dog never drinks the pool water, though!


What type of pool is best for dogs?

The best dog pools should be fiber coat or have a gel coat surface. If it’s concrete, then your dog’s paws can become scratched easily, and it can stop them from enjoying the swimming experience. Plus, it’s less maintenance and harmful for your dog in case they have an injury.


How do I get my dog to swim in the pool?

To get your dog into the swimming pool, all you need to do is follow 5 simple steps, which are:


  1. Gently lead your dog into the pool
  2. Go in deeper step by step
  3. Support your dog as it learns how to paddle
  4. Show and teach your dog how to leave the pool
  5. Repeat this training


Does chlorine kill dogs?

Chlorine can be beneficial for dogs keeping them away from harmful bacteria that grow and lives in the water. Generally, chlorine won’t cause much harm; however, if your dog eats it, it could cause drooling, coughing, depression, shallow breathing and more. If your dog does this, make sure you take it to the vets immediately.¬†


Should I wash my dog after swimming in the pool?

It’s important you wash your dog as soon as they’ve had a swim. Chlorine is known to dry out its fur and skin quickly, plus strip its natural oils. If chlorine is left on for too long, it could bleach its fur.¬†