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Top 5 Places To Bring Your Dog This Summer In Vancouver

Top 5 Places To Bring Your Dog This Summer In Vancouver

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The greater Vancouver area is a dog owners dream. With so many fantastic places to bring your dog this summer there is no reason not to get your dog out of the house for some well-deserved and much appreciated play time.

Here is a quick list of the five best places to bring your canine companion this summer:

5. Inter-River Park ‚Äď Located in North Vancouver, Inter-River is a favorite of North Shore dog owners. The off leash park and extensive trails will have you and your dog exploring for hours.

MAP IT: 900 St Denis Ave, North Vancouver, BC

4. McDonald Beach ‚Äď Located in Richmond, this fresh water beach offers plenty of space to roam around and play on different terrains: a grassy area, a sandy beach area with water access, and a gravel path trail.

MAP IT: 3500 McDonald Rd Richmond, BC

3. Charleson Park – Located in False Creek, this is a city dogs oasis. Complete with a waterfall, grassy knolls and a spacious field, dogs and owners of all shapes and sizes gather here for fun times and socializing.

MAP IT: 999 Charleson Street Vancouver, BC (False Creek)

2. Pacific Spirit Regional Park ‚Äď Located by UBC this park is a true wonder It is surprisingly easy to immerse yourself in wilderness right in Vancouver. You can go for a short walk or a full day excursion on the vast trail system. ¬†Dogs are allowed off leash and Spanish Banks Beach is a dog beach on the ocean like no other. Do yourself a favor and check this out!

MAP IT: Blanca St and 16th Ave UBC, Point Grey

1. Jet Pet Resort ‚Äď While not every day can be spent out and about at the beach or park, your dog will appreciate some social time away from home. Why not consider a day of daycare for your dog the next time you need to take that quick day trip? All daycare guests at Jet Pet Resort enjoy all of the resorts amenities including lounges, indoor and off leash¬†outdoor play areas, swimming pools, toys, climbing platforms, fun staff, dog walks and of course other doggie buddies to socialize with!

MAP IT: 5980 Miller Road, Richmond BC

From parks to beaches to daycare there is so much to do and this is only a top 5 list! So this summer, make a pledge to get your dog out more. They will be happier, healthier, and you will both benefit from the time away from home!


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