Weekend Trip With A Dog – Taking That Weekend Getaway

Weekend Trip With A Dog – Taking That Weekend Getaway

weekend getaway

Weekend getaway from Vancouver

Vancouver and Richmond are fantastic places to live and are especially accommodating to dog owners. With so many beaches and dog parks available for dog walking and playing it’s hard ‘not’ to find something to do with your dog. But if you are stepping away from the city for a day or two, or heading out on a personal getaway (here are some ideas!), why worry about having to leave your dog with a family member or friend (and all of their food, treats, bedding, blankets, water, etc…) when you can actually treat your pup to a short term boarding stay at Jet Pet Resort, have he or she catered to and get on with your trip with complete peace of mind.

Weekend trip with your dog

Not just for long term stays!

Not only has Jet Pet Resort been created to cater to owners leaving from the airport in Richmond who need to board their dog or cat while they travel abroad for long lengths of time, but the luxury pet hotel has kept its affordable rates constant to accommodate weekend travellers as well. With easy access from the entire lower mainland, Jet Pet Resort is just a quick stop on your way away!

Whether staying a night or a month our guests are treated as VIPs. We are a one-of-a-kind destination for pet owners in the know in Metro Vancouver. Each guest that stays at Jet Pet Resort has an individualized experience and we cater to a pet’s specific diet, dogbed, their exercise and fitness regime, their health and overall well-being.

Michael Maenck, General Manager

Jet Pet Resort is open seven days a week, features 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor pet resort and spa amenities and is uniquely designed for pets and offers:

  • Individual dog and cat suites
  • Lounges with plasma TVs and webcams
  • Full-service kitchen
  • A state-of-the-art pet spa
  • Indoor and outdoor lounge and play areas.

Dog getaway – leaving the dog at Jet Pet Resort

You can drop by and take a tour of the facility anytime during business hours prior to booking a first-time stay. Dog owners are usually surprised to find that Jet Pet Resort is often more affordable and overall a much better value than conventional boarding solutions.

When you are under a schedule and you are traveling, there is no better feeling than knowing that your pet is well taken care of. We treat each guest with the attention and love that we do our own pets. Pet owners are responsible, passionate and caring people who deserve to travel knowing with 100 per cent confidence that their pet is in good hands.

Cam Dahl, Owner of Jet Pet Resort.


So the next time you are worried about whether the dog can join you on a weekend adventure, remember that Jet Pet Resort is your convenient and affordable solution. Contact us today!

Dog getaway - indoor courtyard by Jet Pet Resort