Vancouver Catteries, Cat Sitters, Hotels, Kennels & Boarding

Vancouver Catteries, Cat Sitters, Hotels, Kennels & Boarding

Kittens at a Cattery

As a cat owner, you are so lucky to have a wide variety of boarding options available to you in the greater Vancouver area. Let’s have a look at the three main options – the cat hotel, the cattery and the in-home cat sitter, and then let’s look at the differences.

What is a Cat Hotel?

A cat hotel is a type of pet boarding service that provides care for felines while the animal’s owners are either out of town or need temporary care. The services and accommodations available at cat hotels in and around Vancouver and Richmond can vary considerably by cat hotel, though basic care such as feeding and regular cleaning is included.

What is a Cattery?

A cattery is a type of cat boarding kennel service where cats are housed temporarily in closer confines.  A cattery can be a huge operation with different cat rooms or it can be at an individual’s house in a spare bedroom. Many catteries offer one-on-one playtimes in order to get the cat some much-needed attention. Familiar objects, such as blankets, are also permitted at many catteries.

What is a Cat Sitter?

A cat sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a cat or other pet at its own home in its own environment. Some people would rather have their cat cared for in their own homes so the animal stays on their regular routines and so that the cat doesn’t need to adapt to a new environment. In Vancouver, this is an alternative for cats that are not well socialized or vaccinated.

Jet Pet Resort’s Cat Boarding

Jet Pet Resort offers all of the amenities of a cat hotel and a cattery while bringing the intimacy of a pet sitter with personalized one-to-one stress-free care and love and attention to any guest. At Jet Pet Resort we understand and respect that cats have distinct needs, which is why your cat will enjoy a quiet, restful and private cat suite in a completely separate kitty wing apart from the rest of the resort.

Our kitty wing has a comfortable lounge area with a large plasma TV and plenty of comfortable chairs for our pet specialists and care-givers to lavish your kitty with affection. The entire cat wing is designed as a huge play area equipped with scratching posts, carpeted kitty stands and a collection of toys to keep your cat endlessly entertained.

In your cat’s personal suite, the litter box area is completely separate from the sleeping and playing space to ensure a comfortable, odour-free stay. We are proud to say that we have the most sophisticated cat suites in Canada. To prevent the spread of odours and contaminants, we have installed a high-tech air exchange system that continuously circulates the air, kills bacteria with UV light treatment and eliminates odours with a carbon-plated filtration system. Our cat suites have comfortable beds that feature soft, washable sheepskin covers that wick away moisture and provide an anti-bacterial layer of protection to ensure superior rest and relaxation. In addition, Jet Pet Resort also provides multiple resting spots in the cat-only lounge.

Jet Pet Resort will keep your cat on their regular feeding routine to minimize any disruption to your pet’s diet. Your cat will have plenty of social and playtime with other well behaved cats. All of the guests at Jet Pet Resort must have up to date vaccinations and we do accept exotic breeds.

When it comes to finding a boarding solution for your feline friend, Jet Pet Resort has to move to the top of your list. Give us a call at 604-238-PETS (7387) and let us answer any questions that you have. When you call, why not book a tour of the facility and even bring your cat in for a free one-hour assessment to see how much your cat likes the Jet Pet environment. We know that you’ll appreciate all of the differences between Jet Pet Resort and the other boarding options that you have explored.


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