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How to Choose a Pet Resort – Factors to Check

How to Choose a Pet Resort – Factors to Check

Choosing a pet hotel

The necessity of keeping your pets in a pet-resort may arise quite often, especially when the owners travel frequently for work or leisure. Pet-lovers would know it best that it is not possible under any circumstances to let their pets be at home alone, while they are away travelling. Apart from this, your pets too need a happy break at times! They too need to have a recreational vacation! As an owner it is important to check out the following factors while selecting an apt resort for their pets/dogs:

  • Make sure that the pet-care professionals are trained, experienced and expert in handling the pets and their behaviours, apart from being affectionate and caring towards them.
  • Check out the cleanliness and hygiene factor of the resort and make sure that all the areas including the feeding areas, defecation areas, playing areas and sleeping areas are squeaky clean and moist-free.
  • Take a look at the beds, bedsheets, towels, pillows and other materials served to ensure comfort for your dog and make sure that these are clean, dry and hygienic.
  • It is important to select a pet-resort which provide excellent medical facilities and first-aid benefits for pets and dogs, to ensure safety and security for your pets.
  • Choose a pet-friendly hotel that provides a timely, regular and proper meal to your pets. Make sure that it is nutritive and is given in the correct amount.
  • While selecting a pet resort in Vancouver, know about the extra luxuries and facilities it provides to your pets/dogs and how much do they charge for the same. It is always pleasurable to let your dog enjoy some extra attention, petting or pleasantries in the form of games, walks, cuddles, toys etc, to add to the pets’ joys.


It is important for the owners to be extra assured about the quality, standard, effectiveness and genuineness of the services while handing over the pets/dogs at a resort.