We Need Certain Details While Registering

We Need Certain Details While Registering

Taking care of pets requires a certain level of sensitivity apart from affection and experience. Jet Pet Resort has gained an expertise in handling your pets in a way that leaves you with no doubt about the complete well-being of your precious pets. To achieve this end of holistic and balanced care and concern for your pets and to perform the responsibility of pet-sitting successfully, we pay attention to certain details about your pets.

As owners you are expected to help us know your pets better and understand them aptly, to make sure that the vacation proves pleasant to both your pets and other pets in the resort. Every pet is supposed to exhibit or inherit specific behavioural patterns, nature and tendencies, and Jet pet Resort being a leading pet-friendly hotel in Vancouver has to ensure that your pet is closely analyzed and understood before they are entitled to the pet care services in our resort.

To ensure that your pet is given the best care and treatment, it is important to provide us with complete and in-depth information which include the following factors about your pet:

1. Medical Information:

Details about your pet’s medical conditions, any recent surgeries underwent, presence of any allergies, whether your pet has any physical limitations, and is under any medication.

2. Food and Diet:

Details about the food-habit of your pet, how often he needs to be fed, what is the quantity and kind of food should be, how the food should be prepared etc.

3. Veterinary:

Please provide the details of the veterinary doctor along with the address and contact information, in case your pet follows any particular vet’s regime or instructions.

4. Behavioural Pattern:

We need to have details about your pet’s socialization level, which include questions like ‘whether your pet is friendly with other pets‘, ‘what are the basic tendencies that your pet exhibits towards children, strangers, visitors etc’, ‘is your dog aggressive towards certain situations and people, and ‘what are the fundamental lifestyle of your pet’, ‘whether your pet is trained and follows command’ and so on.

It is most important for us to be extra-sure about each and every pet we handle and take care of, which in fact helps us further to provide them with the best treatment and to responsibly nurture them the way it is needed to. As owners, it is highly appreciable if you allow us to know and understand your pet completely, without any suppression of facts.