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Spring Tips For Your Dog

As the season changes and each day becomes increasingly nicer our four legged friends naturally and instinctively want to spend more time outside. Jet Pet Resort has put together a quick list of tips to make sure that you and your dog get the most

Dog Depression Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dog Depression Doggie Depression Signs And Symptoms It is a fact that dogs display and share a wide variety of emotions. But did you know that your dog can actually become depressed? It’s true! A sharp decline in a dog’s energy is one sign of depression in

What does your dog’s body language mean?

While your dog can’t tell you what’s on their doggie mind, he or she can sure tell you a lot through their body language. Jet Pet Resort has put together a quick list to help you understand what your dog may be trying to tell

Useful Tips for Socializing Your Dog

Well socialized dogs grow up to be friendly and happy in the company of people and other animals, and make successful pets. Dogs taken out regularly as can take different situations in stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners. A dog can be taught to be

The Top 10 Most Toxic Foods To Dogs

Caring for your pet means taking extra precautions at times. While you may want to give your little fella a little 'special treat' please know that there are a few things that are ABSOLUTE NO-NO's. Now, you may be asking: "What can't I feed my

Canuck Dogs Need Winter-Proofing Care.

How To Prep Your Dog For A Canadian Winter There’s no way to avoid a Canadian winter and just as you need to prepare yourself, your car and your home for the return of cold weather, it’s important to prepare your pet as well. Avoid Antifreeze One of