Winter Dog Grooming Tips for Vancouver Pet Owners

Winter Dog Grooming Tips for Vancouver Pet Owners

Winter Grooming for Vancouver dogsIf you own a dog that has any sort of length to its coat, you will know that each winter brings a series of challenges in terms of keeping the coat neat, clean and dry. Winter grooming for Vancouver dogs not only readies and maintains a dog’s winter coat, but it also prepares its paws for cold and harsh winter pavements. Even though dogs have a natural insulation system, grooming your dog in the winter can help increase the insulation and make your dog that much more comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about winter grooming and how Jet Pet Resort can help make your dog look and feel better this winter.

Dog Grooming: The Winter Coat and Brushing

Responsible pet owners know that keeping their dog’s winter coat clean and brushed is of paramount importance. A clean coat in good condition provides greater insulation and thus warmth than one that is dirty and matted. Also, in the early winter, your dog is swapping a summer coat for a winter one. Some breeds of dog will have a harder time dealing with the winter cold than others, so it might be a good idea to get your pooch a doggie sweater. There will be tufts of dead undercoat, the soft downy fluff beneath the shiny hairs, may appear to buff the coat and provide more warmth, but this spent undercoat will do nothing but clump. It should be removed with a brush if your dog is a heavily coated breed.

Brushing the Winter Coat

Dog Grooming: Winter Baths and Coat

Pet grooming for the winter means continuing baths as they’re needed. A good bath soaks the coat through the guard hairs to the soft undercoat, robbing it of its protective properties. Your lab isn’t likely soaked to the bone when he jumps in the cold November waters. However, shampoo allows water to penetrate that normally water repellent coat. That repellent power is why it’s so hard to make your dog wet while in the tub. It’s equally hard to dry your soaked dog.

(PRO TIP – Let your dog shake right out of the bath – they will remove 80% of the water for you!)

Dog Grooming:  Before

Winter pet grooming means keeping the coat in a condition that will provide protection from wet, wind and cold. A dirty coat provides far less winter protection than a clean one. Use moisturizing shampoos and/or cream rinses for winter pet grooming. Winter dry air does mean dry skin and coat. This can lead to itching and hot spots, or areas of raw, damaged skin. Some pet owners may find a moisturizing spray helpful.

(PRO TIP – Regular brushing stimulates oils in your pet’s skin, which also helps fight winter dry skin.)

Dog Grooming: After

Dog Grooming: Winter Paw and Pad Care

Winter pet grooming for Vancouver dogs means keeping hair between pads trimmed to prevent the buildup of snow and ice. This also cuts down on the amount of mud that must be cleaned from paws when your pet returns to the house. For some long-haired breeds, trimming around the paws keeps hair off the ground, leaving you with less to brush and wash. In areas where salt is used on the roads, your pet may be in danger of split pads. Even in areas clear of road salts, dry weather may lead to cracking and bleeding. Protect paws with booties or paw protective creams or even a heavy dose of balm. Wash paws after walks and then apply the cream. Watch for excessive nail growth. If your pup spends less time outdoors, his nails may appear to grow faster because they aren’t being worn down.

Winter Dog Grooming: The Spa at Jet Pet Resort – More Affordable Than You Think!

Kaori dog wash specialistJet Pet Resort is home to a 5 star, state of the art grooming facility simply called ‘The Spa’. Full grooming appointments are available seven days a week by appointment and are done by Kaori, the resident professional groomer on staff. She is a true artist when it comes to grooming dogs and she can transform ‘mangy’ to ‘marvellous’ in just a few short hours. Of course, Jet Pet Resort also offers Bath and Tidy services, for those dogs between full grooms who just need a light trim to freshen up their appearance. Our Pet Specialists are all able to give luxury and regular baths using our unique handheld aqua massage bathing system and each can handle even the finickiest of nail trims. For more information on our grooming and spa services please click here.

So on your pets next visit to Jet Pet Resort, remember that we not only handle the boarding of your pet while you’re on vacation, but we can help make them look and feel like a million bucks, and there is no better feeling than being greeted by your best friend in the lobby after your trip smelling fantastic and feeling soft and fresh!



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