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15 Disneyland Travel Secrets revealed by Jet Pet Resort – Make sure your visit to The Happiest Place On Earth is a memorable one

15 Disneyland Travel Secrets revealed by Jet Pet Resort – Make sure your visit to The Happiest Place On Earth is a memorable one


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Spring Break and the holiday season means travel time for many people. Year after year Jet Pet Resort is home to your dogs and cats while you travel for vacation. We are much more than just a place where your pet is kept. We are your worry-free boarding solution and your dog and cat are cared for by our staff as if they were our very own!


We did an informal survey last year and found that a large majority of our clients head to California to visit Disneyland. We have put together some great travel ‘secrets’ for your trip to visit Mickey Mouse and friends. Keep reading after our Spring break booking reminders to learn how to increase your family’s magical experience at Disneyland!

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Quick Tips to make boarding at Jet Pet Resort go smoothly:


  • Vaccinations must be up to date and copies must be sent/brought to Jet Pet Resort.
  • Regular collar – we give each guest a special name tag and we also go on group walks.
  • Special or favourite bedding, favourite blankets, t-shirts, etc. are packed – These will be kept in your pet’s suite – unless a clothing item.
  • Special or favourite toysThese will be kept in your pet’s suite.
  • If your pet requires an overnight pee pad, please provide one per each night during the stay.
  • Enough of your pet’s regular food to cover their regular meals – in addition to a little extra.  We suggest up to 25% extra to cover unforeseen extended staysAll unused portions will be returned upon check out.
  • Pack any other special treats, and let us know when you would like us to give them.
  • Enough of your pet’s medication (if applicable) – in addition to a little extra. Again, we suggest up to 25% extra to cover unforeseen extended stays. All unused portions will be returned upon check out.
  • Remember to notify your intake specialist of any recent injuries or illnesses, changes in behaviour, or any other last second requests that will make your pet’s stay as pleasant as possible.
  • Does your pet need a bath, nail trim or grooming? Make sure to ask about it and we can make sure to get it done for you!


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And now… Make sure your visit to The Happiest Place On Earth is a memorable one.

15 Disneyland Travel Secrets revealed by Jet Pet Resort

  • To help you prepare for your trip Disneyland will send you a free Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD.
  • MUST DO: If it’s your child’s birthday or first time at Disneyland visit the Guest Relations office to get a special button.
    • If there’s a long line for the ticket booth you can forgo the wait by buying tickets with your mobile device.
  • Buy princess dresses, pirate costumes, and Mickey Mouse T-shirts before you get to Disneyland.
  • MUST DO: The Fastpass system is free and, more importantly, can be gamed a little. The machines that dispense Fastpasses may look like pay machines, but they’re not. Also, the FastPass systems at Disneyland and California Adventure are not connected, so it’s possible to hold more than one FastPass at the same time.
  • MUST DO: If your child is especially excited about meeting Disney characters, make a reservation for a Disney character dining experience. It’s free and there is no lineup. They come to your table!
  • The “rider switch” policy lets both parents enjoy the attractions without the double wait.
  • Three restaurants inside Disneyland give free refills on soda and a to-go cup after the meal is over. These restaurants are the Plaza Inn, Rancho del Zocalo, and Pizza Port.
  • Tweet @DisneylandToday and @DCAToday to get quick responses to your park-related questions.
  • The Disneyland Wait Times app will let you know how busy the rides are throughout the day.
  • Photopass photographers will take free photos of you with your camera if you ask them too.
  • If you stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel and have a valid three-plus-day ticket, you can get into the park one hour before the general public.
  • Once a day the Mad Hatter and Alice play musical chairs with kids at Coke Corner on Main Street, also known at Refreshment Corner.
  • Disneyland employees will give you a new balloon if your kid’s pops.
  • MUST DO: The easiest way to get a photo with Mickey Mouse is by visiting his home at Toontown near closing time.

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And remember, while you and your family are enjoying Disneyland your cat or dog will be having the time of their life with all their new friends at Jet Pet Resort. We strive to create not only the ultimate boarding experience for your pet but to offer you total and complete peace of mind while you are away.


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