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Useful Spring Tips For Your Dog

Useful Spring Tips For Your Dog



As winter turns into summer, we in the lower mainland are privileged to have such wonderful springs. In Vancouver and Richmond, the sun is already shining, the temperature is warming up, and our furry friends are starting to get excited to get out of the house a little more. Jet Pet Resort has put together a quick list of useful tips to make sure that you and your dog get the most out of spring this year!

Spring Grooming

Spring means that your dog may begin spending more time outside and also shedding its winter coat so a little extra grooming is very important right now. Not only will your dog look and feel better, but it’s healthier and will save you time cleaning up all of the shed hair around the house and in the car! While you are at it, double check your dog’s nails, they probably could use a good trim!

Collars and Identification

Spring is the perfect time to check your dog’s collar and name tag. From here on in, your dog will be  outside more so double check that the collar is still in good order. Make sure that it is snug, but not tight. Check that your contact information is still clear & visible, and update your address & telephone number if necessary. Also, make sure that your dogs’ city tags are up to date. Finally, try to wipe your leash with an anti-bacterial wipe once a week to remove any dirt or contaminates that may cling both to the handle and to the leash itself.

Flea Prevention

Not only do flowers return in the spring, but so do pesky fleas – which can cause all kinds of headaches for you and your dog. Spring is the time to apply a monthly topical medication or start a pill routine. Remember, a single female flea can lay over 300 eggs a day, so take preventive measures to protect your dog and your home from an infestation as the warm weather returns.

Intestinal Parasites

Spring is the season when most dogs pick up intestinal parasites. Whether your dog drinks from a stream or plays with another contaminated dog in the park, intestinal parasites are VERY easy to contract. Tapeworms are contracted from fleas, when a dog licks the flea bites, and roundworms and hookworms are easily contracted as well. Luckily they are also easy to prevent. A simple worm prevention medication can keep your dog healthy all year long. And many worm prevention medications also include Heart Worm prevention too – a nice added bonus.

Hydration and Supplements

Prolonged exercise and play outside becomes possible when the weather is mild. Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of fresh water, and refresh the water daily to keep the water tasting good and free of drool. You can even consider adding vitamin supplements to your dog’s food or increasing his daily portion of food to maintain energy.


The return of Spring is the perfect time to jump start your pet care routine and to ensure that as the weather continues to improve, so does the well-being of your pet. Jet Pet Resort can take care of all of your grooming needs for you – and it’s much more affordable than you think! Call for more information and to book an appointment with our head groomer Kaori. Let her transform your pooch into a prince or princess!




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